Diseases & Remedies 

Modern diseases are complex and have interrelated mechanisms and conditions, so their treatment must be “combined” to address this complexity within a single disease.

And to explain: In the past, when man fell ill, he often treated his disease with a single plant, and the desired benefit was often obtained. This is because the way of life was "simple" and not complex.

In this past, there were no preservatives or products with "complex" compositions. The water was natural and did not pass through zinc or plastic pipes... The air was free from radio waves, antennas, telephones, satellites, laboratory waste, remnants of bombs and factories. ..

Eggs and meat were not products of industrial hormone exploitation, vegetables and fruits were natural, and man was athletic, moving and working...

Modern life has been wrong, diseases more and more complicated. It has become unnecessary to treat the disease with "one plant". It is more correct to seek the complexity of the causes of each disease to treat it with its same complex mechanisms.

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