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We offer care products for several skin problems such as dark spots and age spots, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin problems... These products offer natural solutions to lighten the skin, moisturize it, reduce the size of pores, remove burn marks, scars and blemishes, as well as control excess sebum for oily skin types, and other problems of oily, dry and combination skin.

This section includes natural oils for skin care, natural creams, natural masks, raw materials for making skin care products, serums, gels, and many other natural skin care products skin.

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7.800 DT
Apricot soap is rich in vitamin E and amino acids that help to: Delay the symptoms of premature aging. Prevention of dry skin. Prevention of skin irritation. Moisturize the skin. Unification of the color...
35.000 DT
Are used to relieve and treat skin disorders: dermatoses, scabies, scalp affections, dandruff, itching and irritations due to psoriasis. Volume of the cream: 50g Weight of the soap: 100g
19.000 DT
Cactus Bio Skin cleansing water is obtained by distillation of organic prickly pear flowers, it is particularly concentrated in natural active ingredients.With a fresh and delicate smell it hydrates, calms and tones...
15.000 DT
Goat's milk soap is 100% natural, handcrafted cold. Symbol of natural beauty, rich in therapeutic properties for the skin with moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Goat milk soap also helps treat dark spots...
19.700 DT
Neem leaves have several medicinal properties: Antifungal, Strengthening, Growth, Shine, Repair, Prevention, Antibacterial. Neem leaves are also used as a vegetable hair ingredient for hair care, in the form of neem...
20.700 DT
Reetha powder is a versatile natural ingredient for hair care. Its benefits include effective cleansing, improving hair texture, treating dandruff, strengthening hair to reduce breakage, preventing hair loss, and...
9.800 DT
Aker Fassi soap is 100% natural, made with cold saponification to preserve all the benefits of Aker Fassi. It has several benefits for the skin: Naturally brightens skin tone and gradually gives it a natural pink...
8.800 DT
Trichup Lightening Soap is a soap rich in papaya that helps remove dead skin cells to have a natural shine and beauty, this soap consists of natural ingredients to whiten the skin and give healthy skin. It is...



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