Musk range 

There are many types of musk in Tunisia: locally produced musk, including musk from Pakistan and the musc of Arabian Gulf.

The types of musk are divided according to the sources of extraction. For men and women, you find solid white musk and liquid white musk, White Tahara Musk and Black Tahara Musk in Tunisia. Musk Jamed (solid) and Musc Dernawi are tow types of musk also available in Tunisia at Alwosta. Liquid Black Musk occupies an important place among the most used types of musk due to its use in the Roqya sessions widespread in Tunisia. There is also vegetable musk, stone musk, rock musk, Amber musc, and deer musk "Al-Ghazal Musk" which is of animal origin and is one of the rarest species.

As for the method of using musk, there are several ways, it varies depending on the type of musk:

How to use Solid Musk (Musk Squares)?

- Put it in the bedroom above the cupboard or above the bedside table for example.

- Rub it on the carpet at the level of the prostration area so that the faithful smells good when he prostrates. Solid musk thus increases concentration and emotional comfort  ( psychological comfort).

- Place the solid musk inside the car on a piece of aluminum (it must be well wrapped in summer so as not to melt in the sun). It builds self-confidence and determination.

- Place the musk next to the pillow to give a feeling of psychological comfort and thus facilitate the process of falling asleep!

- Put it in the pocket of pants or jacket and other clothes...

- Stick the solid musk (musk cube, solid musk...) on the main door of the house (inside) to give a pleasant smell to the guests and the owners of the house.

- Grind the solid musk and mix it with Tunisian incense, it becomes a "premium" incense for the house which has a positive effect on the morale and the rest of the soul.

- Add solid musk to Arabic incense and use this new blend in the workplace to comfort workers, customers and those who walk past the shop!

How are Liquid Musk used?

Mode of use of White Tahara Musk

Musk Tahara Blanc is placed around sensitive areas, between the breasts, above the wrists and behind the head, avoiding applying it around the eyes.

Mode of use of Black Tahara Musk

Musk Tahara Noire can be used in the same way as before, except that it should not be applied directly to clothing so as not to leave a trace.

Mode of use of Liquid White Musk

Liquid white musk can be used in the same way as concentrated perfumes: put drops on the wrists, or on clothing, on the right and left of the hand.

Mode of use of Liquid Black Musk

As for liquid black musk, it is intended in particular for Roqya sessions (Ruqya, Roquia...). Apply it on the wrists and on any area of ​​the body avoiding the eyes (it does not generally cause allergies). You can also dilute liquid black musk with water and then spray the house or workplace.

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