Bakhoor Shams Al imarat

Bakhoor "Shams Al imarat", amber / oriental incense, with deep aspiration and well-being, with its feminine odor it gives a sensation of happiness, a dream journey towards the flowers of spring. Made in the United Arab Emirates.

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Bakhoor OUD AL NAFEES - NAFIS incense is one of the premium types of incense with a worldwide reputation, especially since it is produced by Banafa for Oud. It smells attractive and wonderful. The beauty of its...
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Featuring a modern and functional design, this V5 electric censer subtly diffuses the aromas of Bukhoor/incense, ideal for relaxation and meditation, in all spaces: workplace, mosque, home... Length: 25cm Width...
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Incense Raghba is characterized by being a pleasant and attractive incense that expresses women at all times and gives them a lot of femininity and attractiveness, a delicate fragrance that combines musk and roses
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