Arabic incense Bakhour Fawah

Bakhour Tunisian traditional Arabic "Fawah", commonly used in wedding celebrations and in all the events to celebrate, we put two choices for the weight

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16.000 DT
  • 100g
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Bakhoor Taif Al Hub is the incense of happiness and satisfaction that relaxes you to relieve headache, thanks to fragrant and attractive odors, this incense stimulates the brain and affects the nervous circles related...
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A calm and distinctive scent that resembles the scent of a feminine scent mixed with the scent of spring flowers The scent of incense Mouza even merges with curtains, furniture and even walls It praises lavish...
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The Bakhour Ahlam Al Arab incense is a bakhour of luxury and authenticity of an aromatic smell, it is better to burn it with the electric appliance or with coal (the hookah charcoal) so that it does not burn Not...
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Bakhoor Incense SAFIR ALOUD with a woody, musky, resinous, light, seductive, distinctive, wonderful, botanical aromatic fragrance, its smell resembles a mixture of oud, agarwood, gum arabic, musk, vanilla, sandalwood,...
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With its luxurious and royal design, this electric incense burner gives a touch of elegance and luxury to the home, making scent diffusion an unforgettable royal experience. The Royal electric censer is...
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Bakhour Khusoosi Incense is an excellent incense for those who want to refer to authenticity and tradition, it has a strong and pleasant smell, used especially for events and weddings with its attractive and...
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Bakhoor Incense MUMTAZ (means excellent in arabic language) has an attractive and distinctive aromatic fragrance that creates a warm atmosphere between the magic of oriental perfumes and western perfumes. - Net...
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Ferule Asse – Fétide; Ferula Assa – Foetida Famille des Apiacées (ombellifières) - On fait bouillir un morceau de la gomme – résine ne dépassant pas la volume d’un grain de blé dans un verre d’eau ou de fait que...
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Sidr is useful for several health problems and is used as a natural cosmetic ingredient. It is also used in ruqyah: Beneficial for the skin: Sidr helps purify the skin and treat acne and pimples. For hair care: It...
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Cinnamon delays cognitive impairment. A study revealed that cinnamon improves knowledge and reduces oxidation in the brain. Cinnamon is beneficial against Parkinson's. A study revealed that cinnamon protects dopamine...



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