Sandalwood powder

2.800 DT
  • 100g
  • 10g
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35.000 DT
This incense combines the best Arabic notes, to enjoy the warm and rich aroma of honey-amber, with the subtle and earthy scent of saffron. It has a unique oriental charm, mixed with agarwood and roses, to add a...
Bakhoor Incense OUD AL NAFEES - NAFIS
58.900 DT
Bakhoor OUD AL NAFEES - NAFIS incense is one of the premium types of incense with a worldwide reputation, especially since it is produced by Banafa for Oud. It smells attractive and wonderful. The beauty of its...
7.900 DT
Captivate your senses with these oriental scents. Bakhoor incense Derham produces a long-lasting oudh perfume. it's made from a mixture of incense wood and oudh. Made in the United Arab Emirates. Net weight: 40g
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Benefits of Flax - Linum Usitatissimum Family of Linaceae A small spoonful is crushed every morning, mixed with honey, and taken for an entire month against peptic ulcers, all inflammations of the digestive and...
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Benefits of Juniper Commuin - Juniperus Communis Family of cupressaceae The berries are infused with rheumatism, gout, arthritis, sciatica, gallstones, cystitis, prostatitis, cirrhosis, albumin, diabetes and...
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Benefits of apple vinegar: against renal and intestinal colic, renal inflammation and urinary stones, diseases of the genitourinary system, vomiting and dizziness, diarrhea and chronic fatigue, Headache and migraine,...
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Original pink salt from the Himalayan mountains, Pakistan. For reference, Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan has more quality and medicinal value than other types of rock salt produced from the Himalayas which extends...
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Maca is very nutritious It increases libido in men and women It can increase fertility in men It can help relieve the symptoms of menopause Maca can improve mood Maca stimulates sports performance and energy...
9.600 DT
Usefull against the bad odor of the mouth Against ailments, stimulates blood circulation Useful against the problems of digestion.
9.000 DT
Gum arabic is a descending solid sap of the Acacia tree, with no negative side effects. It is known as the highest source of calcium in the world, it has medicinal properties for the treatment of renal insufficiency...



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