Electric censer

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9.700 DT
The Bakhour Zohoor Al Reef incense is a relaxing, calming and aromatic boukhour that gives a feeling of serenity to ensure more self-confidence and therefore gives positive thoughts. This incense is among the best...
7.900 DT
Bakhoor Incense OUD HINDI is ideal for receiving your guests and perfuming your home, hair and clothes with a delicious oriental scent that fills all corners of the house. - Net weight: 40g - Components: Agarwood...
58.900 DT
Bakhoor OUD AL KHANGER incense is one of the most famous types of Bukhoor in the world, with an attractive woody and musky fragrance, an otherworldly fragrance, an incense that grabs hearts at first sight. Oud Al...
12.700 DT
Bakhoor Taif Al Hub is the incense of happiness and satisfaction that relaxes you to relieve headache, thanks to fragrant and attractive odors, this incense stimulates the brain and affects the nervous circles related...
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Bakhoor Incense SHEIKHA with a woody, musky fragrance. Its smell resembles a mixture of oud with white musk and black musk. - Net weight: 40g - Components: Agarwood powder, fragrance, musk, sandal powder, amber. -...
32.000 DT
Incense Raghba is characterized by being a pleasant and attractive incense that expresses women at all times and gives them a lot of femininity and attractiveness, a delicate fragrance that combines musk and roses
2.800 DT
Traditional Green Musk. Weight: approx 5g. Usage ideas: Put it in the bedroom above the closet or above the bedside table for example. Place the green musk inside the car on a piece of aluminum. It builds...
16.000 DT
Propolis, also called bee glue, is a substance offering several health benefits due to its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Among its benefits we can cite...
25.500 DT
Original pink salt from the Himalayan mountains, Pakistan. For reference, Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan (DURVESH) has more quality and medicinal value than other types of rock salt produced from the Himalayas...
9.600 DT
Avocado oil contains vitamins A, B, D and E, it is: - Powerful anti-wrinkle, for eye contour, face and neck. - Calming and softening. - Repair dry and damaged hair. - Bath lotion for dry skin. - Usefull against...



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