Bakhoor Incense Bint Hooran 40g

Bakhoor Incense Bint Hooran

- Net weight: 40g

- Components: Oudh powder, musk, sandal powder, perfume, sugar.

- Country of manufacture: United Arab Emirates.

- Producing house: Ard Al Zaafaran Trading

- Shape: Chocolate square cubes

- Instructions for use: it can be used on an electric incense burner or with charcoal.

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12.600 DT
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Bakhoor Bint Hooran incense can be used on charcoal or on an electric censer. It can be used on collective occasions (weddings, birthdays, engagements, parties, religious occasions, postpartum and childbirth...).

It can also be used around the house to impart a wonderful, calm scent that gives a feeling of psychological comfort and reassurance, banishing anxiety and tension, increasing concentration

Incense can be a great gift for anyone thinking of a different and premium gift!

Bakhoor Bint Hooran incense can also be used in the workplace and in stores to relax workers, customers and customers passing in front of your business. It can also be used in party rooms.

Bakhoor Bint Hooran incense is an economical incense (in terms of quantity, a small quantity compensates for a much larger quantity than an ordinary incense). Placing a small portion is enough to spread a pleasant smell throughout the home or workplace.

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