Black Seed, Nigella seeds: benefits, properties and side Effects

Black Seed, Nigella seeds: benefits, properties and side Effects

Nigella sativa also known as black cumin, contains a phytochemical known as thymoquinone that is not found in any other plant and is considered the compound responsible for the legendary healing abilities of this seed. There is a trace of its use by Hippocrates and discoveries of seeds and oil of Nigella sativa in ancient Egypt in the tomb of Tutankhamun. In Arab culture, black cumin is known as Habbatul baraka, which means "seed of blessing". The Islamic prophet Muhammad said it was "a cure for everything but death".

A few years ago, Western medicine began to take an interest in this humble species and clinical trials have already confirmed its effectiveness in treating diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, epilepsy and especially diabetes and cancer.

What is Nigella Sativa?

Nigella Sativa, also known as Black Cumin or Habba Sawda in Arabic, is an aromatic plant grown in many countries and in some countries such as Egypt. It is renowned for its aromatic quality.This small herbaceous plant with a beautiful blue flower produces a large amount of black seeds each year. They are among the spices frequently used in the preparation of oriental dishes. The oil extracted from its seeds has many virtues: digestive, hypoglycemic, antiasthmatic, immunostimulant (strengthens the immune system). It is also known for its use in skin problems: it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fight against fungi, natural antibiotic and antiallergic.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) summed up the properties of Habba Sawda in one sentence, a hadith (say of the Prophet), although there is much more:

"Black cumin cures all evils except death". (The evils that accompany death).

Abu Hurayrah said that he had heard the Messenger of Allaah say: "There is in the black grain a remedy against all evils, except against Sâm.
(Al-Bukhârî No. 5688).

Main properties of Nigella Sativa

properties of black cumin

Black cumin is known by the following properties:

  • Relieves headaches.
  • Is advised to prevent and mitigate allergies and asthma.
  • Prevents and fights infections.
  • Eliminates or reduces hemorrhoids.
  • Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system.
  • Stimulates the metabolism.
  • Used for nasal congestion.
  • Relieves abdominal pain
  • Promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites.
  • Eliminate warts.
  • Improves digestive diseases and liver.
  • Relieves physical and mental fatigue
  • Reduces the fever.
  • Inhibits the growth of tumor cells.
  • Cut the diarrhea.
  • Used for cough, bronchitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis.
  • Accelerates the recovery of colds.
  • Used for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Stimulates the secretion of bile.
  • Attenuates rheumatic pains.
  • Improves skin conditions.
  • Fights colic, heartburn and swelling.
  • Indicated for diabetes.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Useful for the pain of the teeth and Erasers.
  • Used for insomnia and anxiety.
  • Relieves joint pain, bruises and sprains.
  • Avoids or reduces hair loss.
  • Improve the health of the eyes.
  • Removes fungi from the skin.
  • Diuretic.

The well known black cumin can be used to strengthen the defenses, helping to prevent possible infections. It is mentioned that its consumption is revitalizing for the whole organism.

Scientific studies on seeds of Nigella Sativa

Despite its many benefits, it is not a well-known species, perhaps because it does not represent a profit for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry has not been able to patent it (Nestlé l tried recently).

There is very important evidence that Nigella Sativa seed helps treat almost all types of cancer, including prostate, pancreas, colon, breast cancer and skin cancer. In 2008, Dr. Hwyda Arafat showed that nigella sativa extract destroyed 80% of pancreatic cancer cells without causing any side effects, even when combined with chemotherapy.

Benefits of black cumin

Against cancer

Currently, there is research that mentions that black cumin oil can be effective in supplementing pancreatic cancer treatments. However, to achieve the desired results, it is recommended to use the extract in the early stages of the disease. Likewise, it can be of great help in other types of cancer such as skin cancer and colon cancer.


Thymoquinone added to drinking water inhibited tumor growth from 0.01% to 43% in laboratory rats. The study was commissioned by the International Task Force for Cancer Detection and Prevention, also found that phytochemistry inhibited fibrosarcoma cell survival.


A placebo-controlled study in 40 patients found that two 500 mg capsules of Nigella Sativa oil taken in the morning and evening reduced joint swelling and morning stiffness in arthritic patients and significantly decreased the activity of the disease.


Studies in humans of the effects of black cumin seed oil on hypertension have shown that 300 mg administered twice daily significantly reduced blood pressure levels in patients with mild hypertension. The Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences in Iran conducted the tests and concluded that black cumin seed oil could significantly reduce blood pressure levels after only 2 months.

Improves skin conditions

Black cumin can improve the condition of the skin, it is useful for fighting skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis or skin irritation. In addition, it can be used to fight against fungal infections on the skin, such as the well-known ringworm.

Eliminates breathing conditions

It is possible to mix black cumin seeds with natural honey to treat respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis and colds. In fact, it is possible to make an infusion based on these seeds to obtain the benefits. In addition, adding a teaspoon of black cumin oil in a cup of eucalyptus tea offers the same benefits.

Against diabetes

Black cumin seed can be used to lower blood glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance. To obtain the benefits of this popular remedy, consume only two grams of black cumin seeds per day.

Strengthens the liver

Improve digestion by stimulating the production of bile and promote the cleansing of the body by its antioxidant compounds. Black cumin oil is a popular remedy to greatly enhance the function of the liver.

Protects teeth

The oil from this seed is used to reduce tooth sensitivity because it protects the dentin and helps prevent tooth decay.

Cosmetic properties of black cumin

Many modern cosmetics industries know all the benefits of black cumin, so they use it in many of their products. It is useful for both skin and hair.

Against acne

Hated pimple breakouts and acne can be treated with black cumin oil soap or natural black cumin oil. It is also used to remove impurities and clean pores.

Benefits for hair

Those who suffer from dandruff, black cumin oil may be the best ally to fight dandruff naturally. It is also effective in strengthening the root and improving the condition of the scalp.

Promotes feminine intimate hygiene

According to many experts, the powerful oil of this small seed is useful for the care of feminine intimate hygiene by preventing gynecological infections.

How to use Nigella Sativa seeds

For the treatment of cancer, it is recommended to:

  1. Take a teaspoon of cold-pressed nigella sativa oil mixed with honey three times a day (½ hour before breakfast, mid-afternoon and before bedtime).
  2. It must be ensured that the oil is organic and unpasteurized.
  3. It is not recommended to heat the cooking oil.
  4. Buy cold pressed oil that is packaged in a dark bottle.
  5. Store in a dry place and once opened, put the oil in the refrigerator and use it before 6 months.
  6. As a precautionary measure, add Nigella sativa seed to the food in soups or stews. It does not have a strong flavor and therefore benefit all your family too.

Benefits of black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa)

Health benefits of black cumin oil

Black cumin oil is a toning and purifying oil with many uses and widely used in skin care. It is a soothing, regenerating, vitalizing, moisturizing, protective, regulating, restorative and anti-inflammatory vegetable oil. A multi-purpose oil widely used for skin conditions and beauty treatments.

  1. Black cumin oil has the highest concentration of thymoquine. Thymokine is a powerful antiseptic natural very effective to treat skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, irritations, redness ... It is also antistamine, antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory. This natural photochemist is known for "healing everything except death".
  2. In addition to its high concentration of thymoquinone, it contains dithmoquinone, thymus hydroquinone, thimol and omega 3 and 6.
  3. Black cumin oil is an oil widely used to calm rheumatism and promote regeneration of tissues.
  4. Strengthens the skin and hair. It relieves sunburn, reduces dark circles and fights acne naturally and effectively. Thanks to its properties, it deeply cleans the pores of the epidermis and effectively fights acne and pimples.
  5. It is one of the richest vegetable oils in essential amino acids and minerals.
  6. Cumin oil is an ideal oil to treat and cure fungi.
  7. It is a particularly effective oil to treat candidiasis and other skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, boils, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.
  8. Used to revitalize the hair. It effectively eliminates dandruff.
  9. The application of a drop on mosquito bites gives a feeling of freshness, relief and less itching for the moment.
  10. A massage with black cumin oil helps to eliminate muscle pain. It speeds up the recovery process in case of sprains and bruises.

Miscellaneous preparations of black cumin

  • The black cumin seed can be added at the end of the preparation of the dishes, freshly ground. It is recommended not to cook them for a long time at high temperatures because the heat will destroy many of their properties.
  • It is prepared in infusion. Add half a teaspoon of crushed seeds per cup of hot water. Cover and let stand 10 or 15 minutes, filter and drink.
  • For heartburn, dilute a tablespoon of black cumin oil in a glass of warm water. It is drunk little by little when it is cold.
  • Relieves pain in muscles, joints and bones by massaging affected areas with black cumin oil.
  • For headaches (migraine) massage the temples, neck and forehead with black cumin oil and take an infusion.
  • Improves skin conditions by applying Nigella Sativa oil to the affected areas.
  • To cleanse the face of impurities and eliminate acne, take a teaspoon of black cumin oil in a bowl of hot water and steam baths covering the head.
  • Eliminates facial fungi by applying black cumin oil.
  • To relieve cough and asthma, scrub the back and chest with black cumin oil and inhalate with a teaspoon of oil diluted in water.
  • Avoid or reduce hair loss by massaging the scalp with black cumin oil.
  • Improve or eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever by taking one or two tablespoons of oil each.

Side effects of Black Cumin

Black cumin is considered safe and has no side effects when used responsibly. Some reports have suggested that it can be toxic at extremely high doses of 25 grams or more (which is actually practically impossible to consume).

Pregnant women should avoid taking it because no studies have been done on its safety in unborn children.


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