Benefits of Basil, uses and side effects

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Basil is a plant often used in cooking.

Of course, basil is used in several recipes to prepare sauces and as decoration in dishes. But it is also very popular in natural medicine because it improves and prevents many conditions that people often suffer from.

In traditional medicine, basil is very popular because it has many properties and many people do not know it.

And so to finish with this ignorance, we wanted to publish this article in which we quote the benefits of basil for health.

Properties of basil

  • Digestive
  • antioxidant
  • Sedative
  • antispasmodic
  • antibacterial
  • Antiseptic

Basil has a lot of actions that's why it has so many health benefits.

What are the benefits of basil?

the benefits of basil

The incredible benefits of basil are:

For the memory

Eat about two fresh basil leaves a day either at the meal or directly it helps to have a better cerebral oxygenation. Basil activates blood circulation and allows neurons to function much better.

Calm the nerves

Basil also has soothing properties. So during a stressful situation, consume basil. Basil helps to be much calmer. It also avoids episodes of non-control that can lead to insomnia.

To prevent insomnia, simply drink a cup of basil infusion. It is also possible to eat it directly so that it has a much more powerful effect.

Treat the flu

Taking the infusion of basil or eating the leaves helps fight the flu, especially those that come with a cough with phlegm.

Because of its antibacterial property, it fights infections and helps eliminate all the mucous that adheres to the walls of the bronchi, as basil is also an expectorant.

It is ideal to take a cup of basil infusion when it is the rainy season to prevent the flu, especially when accompanied by fever.


Basil is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories.

It has a high content of antioxidants, especially flavonoids.

Basil is able to fight internal and external inflammations.

It is best to add it to foods such as salad or in the preparation of different stews.

One should not ignore the possibility of an infusion and an essential oil, which are effective to fight against abdominal swelling caused by a bad digestion.

This is one of the reasons why people add basil in detoxifying juices because it avoids water retention.

Stimulate digestion

As already mentioned, taking an infusion of basil not only helps fight abdominal swelling, but allows for better digestion.

It prevents discomfort, flatulence, gas and even the pain of gastritis or ulcer. It therefore presents a good preventive.

Improve the immune system

Because of its antibacterial properties, Basil combats the conformation of any virus or the appearance of bacteria in any part of the body.

That's why the defenses will always be high and you do not get sick easily.

This is because basil allows for greater conformation of antibodies. Especially if you get sick constantly.

Basil prevents the appearance of fungi and bacteria in the body that tend to affect especially the feet, nails or sores of the mouth, so you will not have to worry about them.

Against headaches

Basil is an excellent ally in the case of a severe headache because it has sedative properties that make the patient feel much better in a short time.

Just take a brew that relaxes a lot. It is also possible to make a paste with the plant, in the form of a poultice and place it on the forehead. In a short time the pain begins to give way.

Reduce fever

As it is antibacterial and also fights internal infections, taking an infusion of basil activates perspiration and fights fever felt as a result of the flu.

It is very common for people to go to this plant when they experience this type of symptoms.

In this way, they avoid the continuous consumption of drugs. It's a great natural way to fight them.

Stimulate kidney function

Drinking a basil infusion continually activates the kidneys in an effective way.

It significantly boosts urination and thus these organs work better, filtering each of the substances that reach the body better.

Those who suffer from kidney stones, the basil is responsible for destroying it gradually and eliminate it through the urine. That's why it activates kidney function much more.

It should also be accompanied by a high water consumption, so to go to the bathroom.

Help eliminate acne

Basil as a poultice helps to cleanse the face.

Also the back where usually presents a lot of acne in people. During the consumption of the infusion, its action will be very powerful.

Because of its antibacterial power, it helps to remove all impurities from the skin, so that the pimples gradually disappear and there will be no trace of them.

This is definitely another good home remedy for people with a chronic acne problem.


It has been mentioned that regular consumption of basil prevents the presence of fungus on the feet, nails and mouth.

But if they have already appeared, it is possible to fight them using basil as a poultice or essential oil.

Especially in the case of foot fungus, baslic is very effective.

Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, these leaves will fight any infection on the skin, so enjoy it.

Even those who suffer from sores in the mouth, the use of basil as mouthwash will also help.

Sore throat

Another symptom that affects the most when there is flu and fevers is sore throat. Basil also helps fight it.

It is possible to drink basil tea, or make it gargle (once it cools). It helps to relieve pain because of its sedative properties.

Basil is also an antibacterial so it helps eliminate bacteria and the pain will gradually disappear.

How to use basil?

Basil can be used in many ways to treat different conditions.

You can use basil as:

  • Infusion

Basil infusions are a different way to appreciate their flavor and organoleptic properties. The infusion not only treats digestive problems, but it also eliminates fatigue.

  • Dry
  • Fresh
  • poultices
  • Essential oils

In each of these presentations, the basilisk can fight different types of conditions.

It is possible to have basil at home

how to have basil at home

The best news with basil is that it can be planted at home. His care is very simple.

It will not stop growing and you will always have it at your disposal so that you do not only use it in the kitchen for fabulous recipes, but so that you enjoy all the properties we have given you in this article.

To have basil at home, just plant it in the sunlight, but try to avoid it being directly. It should also be in the shade and it is very important to always water it. You will see how, in a short time, it will not stop growing.

Contraindications to basil

Although basil is very good for your health, you have to be careful not to overeat it.

As it can cause allergic reactions or intoxications that cause symptoms such as dizziness, diarrhea and vomiting.

It is also not good for children under five. Pregnant women should be careful with their essential oils.

Basil is also anticoagulant, so you have to take it into account.


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