Tahara Musk: Benefits, Side effects, and How to use

Tahara Musk: Benefits, Side effects, and How to use

The texture of Musk Tahara may seem strange when it is first discovered, as it is thick and curdled and far from being liquid. It is the first note between the differentiation between the original purity and imitation. Musk Tahara was highly valued due to its delicate aroma and subtle use that allows a woman to feel fresh in all circumstances and at all times.

Tahara Musk is more than just a perfume, its creamy and concentrated texture in the form of a lotion immerses the skin with each use making it more luxurious than aerosols.

The original Tahara Musk is never diluted with water and alcohol as every drop allows its user to enjoy the floral scent and the warm scent of vanilla and white musk.

Benefits of Musk Tahara

  • Purifies the uterus
  • Deodorizes the body and sensitive areas and their surroundings
  • Reduces secretions
  • Prevents bad odors
  • Prevents infections
  • Eliminates irritation and itching

musk-tahara-benefitsAromatic notes for Musk Tahara

Musk Tahara leaves a fresh, sweet and gentle scent that smells like flowers, vanilla and musk all together. White lotus blossoms, white musk and honey form the heart and base.

Top notes of Musk Tahara

The top notes are the main scent that is smelled immediately after application and fades quickly (approximately after two hours). As for the top notes of purity, it is the lotus blossom with the scent of coconut and vanilla

Middle notes of Musk Tahara

The middle notes are also known as the middle notes, the heart, or the "fragrance texture", as they appear after the evaporation of the top notes and begin to appear approximately 30 minutes after placing Musk Tahara on the body. Its durability exceeds the high notes as it stays on the body from approximately 2 to 48 hours. For the middle notes of purity musk are almost the smell of white musk and honey.

Basic notes (base) of Musk Tahara

In perfumery, the base is the most intrinsic and richest part of a fragrance, as it can be evaluated after the fragrance remains on the body for a period of 2 to 24 hours. The basal odor begins to appear gradually an hour after applying Musk Tahara on the body. The base notes for purity are white musk, vanilla and white lotus.

How is Musk Tahara used?

Musk Tahara (there are those who call it "white musk") is used mainly by women in very specific cases, for example, after major purification, after bathing, in engagement or marriage, in the postpartum period and after childbirth.

After "Great purification"

In most cases, Musk Tahara is used after the major purification (after the menstrual cycle) and from here the name “purity” was derived, i.e. after purification and is used especially by married women and less frequently unmarried girls, where some drops of musk and water are placed on a clean piece of cloth or A tissue is then gently applied around the sensitive areas outside the vagina, taking care not to insert it vaginally because it is for external use only.

Methods of general uses of Musk Tahara

Usually, the ideal use of purification is after taking a shower, because the body is slightly wet, which contributes to the application of purification to the body and anywhere. There are also those who ask “how often do I use purification” and here we say that it can be used at any time because it does not cause allergic reactions. .

The secret of the fame of Musk Tahara

Musk Tahara is highly regarded by Middle Eastern women and is often a part of their daily lives as it features prominently as a staple of women's beauty items.

But why have so many women become true followers of this product?

First, this can be explained by the smell of Musk Tahara itself, because its smell is very good, light and long lasting. It is human instinct that he loves good and beautiful smells.
Secondly, there is a religious reason because the Islamic religion encourages the use of pleasant scents, as it was mentioned in the Prophet’s Sunnah that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, loves sweet scents, and a lot of perfume. Anas bin Malik, may God be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: From your world: women and perfume, and the coolness of my eyes has been made in prayer.”
On the authority of Ibn Umar, may God be pleased with them both, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Three things are not rejected: pillows, fat, perfume and milk.”

On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever is offered perfume, let him not refuse it, for it is pleasantly windy and has a light burden.”

Thirdly, because married women usually like to influence their husbands positively, as holding purity paves the way for the male’s “satisfaction” with the “female” due to the psychological impact of pleasant smells on the human being in general and on the male in particular when he smells a pleasant smell emanating from his wife.

Can a man use Musk Tahara?

As we mentioned before, Musk Tahara is used mainly by women and is used after menstruation to perfume. However, purification is not restricted to women because its scent can be both male and female, and everyone can use it.

Can children use Musk Tahara?

Some may find this question a bit strange, but some women have used the purity hold for infants because the infant is often kissed, cuddled, carried and played with him. Hence the importance of holding purity to perfume infants because it lasts long and because it pushes the bad smell of what can be contained in infant diapers. from droppings.

Precautions for use

Musk Tahara is generally considered a safe product to use, but the purity musk should not be applied internally because it is an aromatic product intended for external use only, as it should not be entered in sensitive areas, but should be applied around them, and it cannot be drunk and should not be applied around the eyes.

The price of the original Musk Tahara and where to sell it

Among the most reliable companies producing purity notes: Surrati - Banafa for Oud - Al Rehab. All of them are producing companies located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Musk Tahara is usually imported and not produced in Tunisia, Algeria or other Arab countries.

The original Musk Tahara is available on the Al-Wusta website, and the price of the original Musk Tahara in Tunisia varies according to the size.

Black Musk Tahara

This type of musk is used only in cases of legal ruqyah, during postpartum periods, after childbirth, and during menstruation. It is applied outside sensitive areas, on the wrists and directly on the body. It is not applied directly to clothes because it can leave a trace.


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