Musc Tahara: Benefits, Side effects, difference between Original and Fake

Musc Tahara: Benefits, Side effects, difference between Original and Fake

The use of musk and perfumes began from ancient times, until the appearance of Musk of Tahara in 2002. This "word" did not exist before that date. It was a Saudi company that innovated this product and gave it the name "Musc Tahara" so that women can use it after the end of the menstrual cycle as a perfume. This new product had great commercial success, and perfumers took advantage of this success to manufacture products with the same name but each according to its own composition.

Types of Musk

In reality the original musk is a natural substance extracted from natural sources: rare animals, rare plants and certain types of mountain stones. We can classify the types of musk according to the color, the smell, the form (solid or liquid) or even according to the purpose of its use (like Musc Tahara, which was innovated mainly to perfume the body after the "major purification").

The most scientifically correct is to classify the types of musk according to their sources of extraction.

Animal Musk: It is the rarest and most valuable type of musk. It is extracted from animals such as Muskrat, Muskox, Masked turtle, and Antelope. Deer (Al-Ghazal) is the most famous source of rare types of musk in the Arab region, it is extracted from the glands of the male deer (Musk Al-Ghazal). This type of musk is the most expensive and we are not exaggerating if we say that the amount of this musk cannot globally exceed one liter worldwide!

Stone Musk: It is also called mountain musk and is extracted from certain mountains located in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iran, and it is among the few types of musk.

Botanical Musk: It is extracted from several rare plants, the most famous of which is "Mimulus Cardinalis" which grows in parts of America, such as Santa Cruz Island off California, United States.

Chemical Musk: It is the most common and widespread type due to its ease of obtaining compared to the rest of the types of musk. It is produced with the same chemical reactions that produce perfumes.

Musk in Islam

The Islamic religion emphasized using perfume for men and women, and the Messenger "Muhamad" urged women to use musk to cleanse themselves after menstruation. The Prophet Muhamad also recommended men to wear perfume, especially in places of gathering such as mosques, so that the Muslim men leaves a positive impact on the souls of those around him.

What is Musc Tahara?

The name "Tahara" is from Arabic language which means "purification". Tahara Musk is used after -women major cleansing- (after menstruation) and is divided into two types: White Tahara Musk and Black Tahara Musk.

It has an odor which can last even for days, it can resist even after hand washing. Musc Tahara is used to perfume the body, sensitive areas, carpets (the place of prostration), clothes, the pillow with two small drops on the right and on the left to have good smell when lying down!

Types of Tahara Musk

White Tahara Musk


Benefits of White Tahara Musk

  • Externally purifies the uterus (depending on type and components)
  • Useful to perfume the body and the contour of sensitive areas
  • Reduces vaginal secretions (depending on type and components)
  • Prevents bad smells from appearing
  • Prevents infections (depending on type and components)
  • Eliminates irritation and itching (depending on type and components)
  • Reduces dryness and hydrates the skin (depending on type and components)
  • Useful for hair perfuming.
  • Excellent refreshing and long lasting for clothes (put it under clothes).
  • It can be added to incense to scent the house and the environment in general.

How to use Tahara White Musk

  • Put a few drops of White Tahara Musk on a small piece of clean cotton wool lightly moistened with water.
  • Apply to areas to be perfumed such as the wrists, around the edges of sensitive areas, behind the head, the joints of the feet and between breasts.
  • You can also mix musk tahara with coconut oil to perfume hair and hydrate it at the same time.

Black Tahara Musk


Benefits of Black Tahara Musk

  • For Ruqyah: Black Tahara Musk is used in particular with the session of "Ruqyah", it is the most common reason it is used. According to the "Raquis", the effectiveness of "Roqya" increases with the use of black musk at the same time with "Ruqyah".
  • Perfume: It is used for the same purposes as the use of White Tahara Musk and almost in the same way.
  • Incense : Black Tahara musk can be added to incense to purify the atmosphere and to give a positive feeling of energy.

How to use Black Tahara Musk

It is generally used in the same way as the use of Tahara White Musk, except that you have to be careful with the directions for use, as it can leave marks on clothes due to its dark color. Black Tahara Musk can be applied on the wrists and around sensitive areas. It can be mixed with water in a spray bottle and then spray around the house to give positive energy. In general, the uses of Black Tahara Musk are related to "Ruqyah", the Raquis use it in their Ruqyah to facilitate the processing process.

Medical rumors about Musc Tahara

We must not believe everything we hear! Several medical lies are spread on websites and on social networks mainly related to the therapeutic power of Musk Tahara. It has become a magical product to specially treat vaginal ailments and female sterility and infertility!

Some traders are spreading misconceptions - on purpose - that Musk Tahara can treat a woman's infertility problem and help shrink the vagina. It has become a miracle product for vaginoplasty (vagina lift). The goal is clearly commercial, because infertility has its causes, and each cause has its specific treatment.

On the other hand we find those who say that Musk Tahara can cause infertility: It cannot happen with a correct use. It is intended for external use onlyMusk Tahara still remains a type of perfume and not a medicine for treating vaginal illnesses.

There are also more dangerous rumors saying that Musk Tahara can treat uterine cancer and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells!

Are there any side effects from using Musc Tahara?

Usually, it doesn't cause any side effects. Musk Tahara which is made by reliable companies such as "Banafa for Oud", "Abd Abdul Samad Al Qurashi" and " Surrati " is generally of quality. They are all from companies located in the Arabian Gulf, where the validity of the product is indicated after having undergone laboratory tests and practical trials to ensure that Musk Tahara does not cause skin allergies. with the exception of certain products from unknown sources or brands.

Differences between original and imitation Tahara musk

Scientifically, it is better not to speak of an original and imitated Musk Tahara, because the term Musk Tahara did not exist before 2002 as we explained in the introduction, and because it is not taken from a specific sourceIt is manufactured in laboratories through several companies. Therefore, it is more correct to speak of a quality Musk Tahara and a counterfeit Musk Tahara.

It should be emphasized that the high price is not necessarily a sign of quality for two reasons: The first is that the seller of a low-priced product may simply increase its price in order to psychologically affect the buyer, who will think of his turn to buy an original product. Second, because some of the well-known companies in the market simply raise prices, not for product quality or cost of production, but for the reputation of the brand.

Where can I buy “original Musc Tahara”?

Quality Musk AL-Tahara is produced by reliable companies: For Tunisia, Musk Tahara can be purchased from trusted sites such as Alwosta الوسطى (the source of Musk Tahara is the Surrati company - Makkah). For France: from the official agent "Surrati". For Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Algeria UAE and Qatar with the official agents "Abdul Samad Al Qurashi", "Surrati", "Al-Rehab", and "Al-Haramain".


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