Lose 10 Pounds Fast in 1-2 Weeks: Express Slimming Diet and 13 Proven Tips

Lose 10 Pounds Fast in 1-2 Weeks: Express Slimming Diet and 13 Proven Tips

When it comes to losing weight, having to follow certain diets or workout routines may not be as productive as it should be.

Most people will lose interest after a few days, start procrastinating, and then eventually go back to their old lifestyles. Therefore, it is crucial to do it in a fun way where no one needs to starve themselves by eating boring vegetables or exhaust their body by being at the gym all day.

Losing weight should be done the smart way, not the hard way. Here are our best habits that are safe, quick, and easy to start and maintain for weight loss.

The 13 Proven Secrets to Lose Weight 10 Pounds in 7 Days

The more you adhere to the nutritional advice and the diet, the faster and more guaranteed the expected result will be: If there is no adherence to the diet, the period of obtaining a result may exceed a week to reach the two weeks.

The 13 Proven Secrets to Lose Weight 10 Pounds in 7 Days

1. Chew your food well and slowly

It has been scientifically proven that your brain, while you eat, keeps a kind of record: it processes signals in which complex networks, organs and biomarkers are involved and tries to inform you that you have eaten enough. Thus, by chewing your food carefully and slowly, you give your brain enough time to recognize satiety.
Not only that, but eating slowly and meaningfully is extremely crucial for the health of your digestive system, especially in the long run.

2. Drink more water

It's probably one of the most overlooked health habits of all time. Drinking more water regularly and keeping your body hydrated is very important if you want to lose weight. Several studies have shown that drinking water before a meal reduces hunger.

3. Get rid of energy and sugary drinks

Just as important as the previous point, it is to point out that energy drinks and sugary drinks do more harm to your health than good, especially if you are planning to lose a few pounds or have that flat stomach you have always wanted to have. . In fact, several studies conducted on the Western diet, which is mostly loaded with sugar and additives, found that soda, for example, was associated with a higher risk of many diseases, including very serious diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative problems. For those addicted to these drinks, try replacing them with healthier alternatives such as fresh juices and smoothies. Coffee is also a good alternative as long as you consume it in the right amount and at the right time. My favorite suggestion would be green tea with a squeeze of lemon, taken at least an hour after meals to allow your body to absorb nutrients from your diet, especially iron.

4. Maintain a healthy bedtime routine

Sleeping well is not a luxury if you want to live a healthy life and achieve a healthy weight. You may be ignoring your body's need for enough sleep right now because you have a lot of work to finish, or you want to hang out with your family and friends, or just because you don't want to miss your favorite movie. However, such an unhealthy lifestyle will sooner or later result in various health problems ranging from headaches and chronic fatigue to insomnia, brain fog, weight gain, etc. Our body is known to release important hormones for different tasks or problems and some of these hormones are leptin and ghrelin which regulate appetite. As a result, lack of restful sleep can disrupt these hormones and make weight loss even more difficult. Therefore, maintaining a healthy bedtime routine is essential if you want to shed a few extra pounds for this summer.

5. Include more protein in your diet

One of the most powerful appetite suppressant nutrients is protein. Scientifically speaking, protein is known to affect certain hormones such as ghrelin and GLP-1 which play a role in controlling hunger and satiety. An interesting study demonstrated that consuming protein with a daily intake value of 30% helped participants decrease their daily calorie intake and lose approximately 5 pounds in 3 months. Some protein-rich foods you can include are:
• Eggs
• Fish and tuna
• Poultry: turkey and chicken
• Greek yogurt
• Meat: grass-fed beef and lamb
• Lentils, chickpeas and beans
• Quinoa
• Almonds.

6. Store unhealthy foods out of sight

It's pretty much a kind of self-deception by limiting easy access to unhealthy foods. It may seem unnecessary at first, but believe me, it works! If your counter is full of sodas, sugary snacks, and cookies all the time, you'll lose control and crave those kinds of foods. By "hiding" them and placing a pot of water in their place, or a basket full of healthy, colorful fruit, you'll minimize your calorie intake and tame your hunger with nutrient-dense alternatives.

7. Have a cheat meal once in a while

I know, I know, this might sound counterproductive, but again, trust me! Depriving yourself of things you once loved can be boring, especially if you're trying to lose weight for the first time, if you're doing it alone and everyone around you enjoys multiple foods and snacks, or if you're hypersensitive or impulsive and you haven't seen quick results. Such situations can sabotage your will to continue and you could lose interest and go back to your old diet. Plus, healthy foods don't always taste better than junk food, so it can get on your nerves. To overcome all this, take a cheat-meal from time to time; maybe once a week! Eating healthy for 6 whole days and breaking the rule on day seven won't hurt your goals and will keep your enthusiasm for losing weight high.

8. Eat more fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods are great for weight loss. Why? Because they make you feel full faster and tame your hunger for longer periods of time. As for the exact science beyond that, it's because the fiber forms a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel increases the time it takes for nutrients to be absorbed in your stomach, and as a result, you will feel full longer. Speaking of fiber, it should be mentioned that natural fiber is only found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Here is a list of some high fiber foods you may want to include:
Chia seeds
• Wholemeal pasta and bread
• Pears, bananas, apples and strawberries
• Lentils and chickpeas
• Almonds
• Quinoa
• Sesame seeds
• Broccoli, spinach and potatoes.

9. Stay away from electronic distractions while you eat

Have you noticed that when you eat in front of your TV, you tend to eat more without even realizing it? Well, you are not alone and this phenomenon has been scientifically proven. A mega study of 24 individual studies found that electronic distractions affect the brain's ability to signal satiety and participants ate 25% more food than usual; we talked about this earlier and we said that the brain sort of counts calories while you're eating, now if your brain is distracted by your daily show, your friends' stories on the phone, or your Instagram feeds, it won't flag not fullness when it is needed and as a result you will continue to consume more calories that you don't even need. Therefore, having your meal in a calm and peaceful space will not only help you to overcome overeating, but also to enjoy your meal mindfully.

10. Avoid stress

When it comes to losing weight, people often overlook the dangerous effects of stress on appetite and weight. Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, increases your hunger and cravings, especially for sugary foods. You've probably noticed that when you're going through tough times, you're more likely to eat processed, high-sugar foods, right? Not only that, but in the long run, stress and sugar can increase your susceptibility to serious health conditions such as diabetes. You can see the big picture: stress, cortisol, poor diet, obesity, diabetes. Coincidence? I do not think so!

11. Learn to cook healthy meals

There are so many great skills to learn, and cooking your own meal at home is certainly one of them for many reasons. For starters, this is a vital craft that you will need for one reason or another. Plus, cooking at home will train your senses to appreciate healthy foods and eat more mindfully. Keeping a small notebook with your favorite recipes is a plus.

12. Think about the energy of your kitchen and dining room

The Chinese philosophy goes even further than the mentioned points when it comes to diet and approaches food intake from different angles such as colors, architecture, energy and the overall mood of the space. For example, letting more light into your kitchen has dramatic effects on your mood and, therefore, your calorie intake; when you are emotionally balanced, you eat less. Some experts have also demonstrated that using red plates for unhealthy foods significantly reduces food intake, the explanation for this phenomenon can probably be attributed to the meaning of the color red in our subconscious; this color has always been associated with danger, prevention and prohibition. So the next time you order a burger or a pizza, put it on a big red plate, and you'll definitely feel discouraged to finish it all. In summary, make your kitchen a happy space where lots of fruit and healthy produce are served, and make sure you have plenty of water and sunshine.

13. Respect these ever-faithful traditions

Our culture is full of wisdom and benefits, and our culinary culture is no exception. It should be mentioned that nowadays the Mediterranean diet is taught and practiced everywhere as one of the healthiest diets ever. That being said :
• Try to consult your grandmother's cookbook more often and enjoy healthy homemade meals.
• Consume olive oil and get rid of those vegetable oils full of saturated fats and GMOs.
• Eat a healthy breakfast early in the morning, a smaller portion high in fiber during the day, and a light dinner early in the evening. For best results, taking a walk after your dinner can be a good idea.
• Consume local products as much as you can.
• Eat according to the season; your body is extremely intelligent and knows what it needs depending on the season, weather, temperature, etc. Try to embody this often overlooked wisdom.
• Infuse your recipes with herbs and spices like ginger and rosemary. The results will not only be healthier but also tastier and more enjoyable.

Diet to lose weight 10 pounds in 7 days

Diet to lose weight 10 pounds in 7 days

It's a well-researched, fast-paced diet with important tips for losing 10 pounds in just one week. Try to follow the advice given with this express diet to get the desired results.

It is always advisable to drink as much water as possible with each meal to give a feeling of satiety.

If you want to dispense with this diet and follow the nutritional advice only, you can do so, but the period of losing 10 kilos of weight will increase up to a month!

Menu Day 1

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 40g of wholemeal bread

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with 2 onions, carrots and peppers, plus a slice of wholemeal bread and a plate of salad.

Dinner: 50 grams of cheese with a salad dish.

Menu Day 2

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with an apple.

Lunch: three tablespoons of rice, a plate of zucchini, a plate of salad and 50g of grilled meat.

Dinner: 50g of drained tuna, 2 glasses of water with a plate of salad.

Menu Day 3

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or 40g of wholemeal bread).

Lunch: 200g of grilled fish and a salad dish.

Dinner: 2 fruits of your choice.

Menu Day 4

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 1 Kiwi.

Lunch: Half grilled chicken and a salad, plus 2 units of grilled onions.

Dinner: 200 grams of natural yogurt without sugar.

Menu Day 5

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 40g of grilled mushrooms.

Lunch: three tablespoons of pasta and 100 grams of grilled meat, in addition to a side dish of salad.

Dinner: 100g of natural yoghurt, with a piece of fruit.

Menu Day 6

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 40g of wholemeal bread.

Lunch: a plate of turkey, a thin slice of white meat (chicken breast), diet bread and 200g of salad.

Dinner: 2 fruits of your choice.

Menu Day 7

Breakfast: a cup of black or green tea with 40g of whole grain bread (wheat, oats, barley...).

Lunch: 100 grams of grilled meat and 100g of salad, plus a plate of sautéed vegetables.

Dinner: a boiled egg, a cup of natural yogurt and a piece of fruit.

Summary of important tips to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

These foods are strictly prohibited outside the diet indicated above:

No sugar, no foods containing sugar like cookies, soft drinks, juices (with sugar), etc. This also includes bottled sugar water and milk and yoghurt, ice cream and other products containing sugar.
No refined and artificial things, no white bread, no white chicken (to grill), etc.
Drink plenty of water (or other fluids) throughout the day, at least 3 liters!
Make a liter of lemon juice (without sugar) and have it (count it among the 3 liters of liquid that we will take)
Take boiled or uncooked (but properly washed) vegetables mainly in meals, mix them or just use whatever you like, eg cucumber, carrots, cabbage, etc.
No rice or white bread.
No potatoes.
No meat off menu indicated, fish must be in limited quantity, boiled or steamed.
Only egg white (boiled eggs) can be eaten
Take multivitamin and calcium supplements (but with a good volume of water for kidney health)


Losing weight isn't "mission impossible" when done right, you just need to figure out what your body needs, eliminate excess bad foods, improve your intake of the right foods, and practice self-control around what you eat.

You might encounter times when you only need a packet of snacks, chocolate and crisps to feel better and that's completely normal as long as you are aware of your choices and ready to make up for it as soon as possible. as possible.

Don't get discouraged and keep implementing healthier choices in your life, you will reap the rewards in the long run and enjoy a healthy, balanced weight.


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