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Trichup hair care products are enriched with powerful herbs. They help revitalize the scalp and roots by stimulating inactive cells and are very effective in some major hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, frizzy hair, damaged and dry hair and spiked and forked tips etc.

Trichup brand

When it comes to hair care, you do not have to go elsewhere.

Trichup is a product invented by "Vasu Healthcare" for the purpose of treating severe hair problems and for hair care purposes. It has been on the world markets since 1990. Trichup is a trusted brand of hair care, advised by thousands of doctors and millions of consumers. All Trichup products are scientifically designed for hair, there is also extensive research on skin products and Trichup soap is found.
Trichup's product range includes oils, shampoos, serum, hair packages, henna and hair creams that are medically developed to give healthy hair and even treat specific cases.

The name Trichup is derived from the word "Trichology" which is the science of hair. TRICH stands for Hair and UP means Growth, or, it is the science that makes it possible to identify the affections conveyed by the hair system and to treat them medically.
Trichup shampoos help nourish and condition hair.
Trichup oils and creams help fight hair loss and regular maintenance and hair revitalization, helping to give long hair completely healthy.

Trichup products

Trichup has designed special products for all hair problems such as:

  • Trichup Hair "Healthy, Long & strong" (oil, shampoo and cream)
  • Trichup Anti-hair loss (oil, shampoo and cream)
  • Trichup Anti-Dandruff (Oil, Shampoo and Cream)
  • Trichup Potion 'Soyeux' (Serum)
  • Trichup Hair Powder.
  • Trichup Henna.
  • Trichup Anti-stain and lightening soap for all skin types.

What is Vasu Healthcare?

Vasu Healthcare is the most reputed Ayurvedic company in India and has expanded its wings in more than 30 countries. Vasu Healthcare aims to provide quality health care products, natural herbal care products from Indian herbs.
Vasu Healthcare received the National Award for Best Quality in Herbal Medicine by former India President Dr. Abdul Kalam, Vasu also received many more awards in connection with outstanding export performance, and excellence in product quality
Several national quality certifications that reflect the brand's commitment and notoriety to produce excellent herbal formulations that become a benchmark for the herbal healthcare sector in India.

Where find original Trichup?

Unfortunately, in recent years several traders have been selling counterfeit products and claiming that they are official representatives of the brand in their country, whether with Facebook pages or through television channels or by creating profiles or groups of Sale of contraband products.

There are no magic tools to prevent these practices, but we try our best to provide original products and guarantee the originality of all the products we sell on our Alwosta website.

How to apply Trichup products?

We have put the instructions for use and the advice of use independently on each product sheet, you find all the information in the category "health and beauty" then under "hair care".

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  • Chaoua

    Chaoua 07/07/2018

    C'est combien l'huile trichup je ne comprend pas les prix de ce site
  • Sarah

    Sarah 03/04/2018

    Je veux commander le grand pack trichup49000d je ne sais comment faire ni qui contacter je vous pries de me rependre dans les plus bréves delait merci.
  • ayari.ding

    ayari.ding 11/11/2017

    je voulais commander un shampoing le plus naturel possible j'ai le cuir chevelu gras et sensible et je ne perd jamais mes cheveux que uniquement en le brossant apres la douche je crois que j'ai une allergie des produits chimique vous pouvez m'aider pour avoir un bon shampoing sans sulfate sans parabenes sans silicones sans rien de tout de chimique apaisant et pas cher sil vous plait

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