Gum Arabic: Benefits and incredible virtues

Gum Arabic: Benefits and incredible virtues

Arabic Gum is an acacia resin (acacia is a tree of the family Fabaceae) harvested mainly in Sudan, the latter is the largest country in the world that emits 90% of the world's production of gum.

Gum Arabic is a natural prebiotic, it promotes the development of beneficial bacteria that contribute to the elimination of many diseases such as liver and kidney diseases that are difficult to cure with chemical drugs. Gum arabic is widely used with medical and therapeutic formulations for the purpose of treating kidney diseases through significant results of gum arabic to treating patients especially with cases of renal insufficiency.

Gum Arabic is considered as a manna sent by God to treat kidney failure. From  therapeutic point of view, the gum arabic helps to treat certain diseases with excellent results on the patients.

Gum Arabic appeared recently in many contries because the notion of phytotherapy is still not very widespread as a medicinal tradition.

Types of Gum Arabic

Talha Gum Arabic: Widely used in cosmetics (shampoos, foundations, etc.) and in combination with medicines (tablets, capsules, etc.) and in the agro-food industry.

Hashab Gum Arabic: Used to treat kidney failure, it helps to reduce the rate of creatinine which reduces the incidence of kidney disease.

Louban Gum Arabic: Generaly used against diseases of the thorax and lung diseases.

Composition of Gum Arabic 

Gum Arabic is a form of solidified and natural descending sap which is in the form of mixtures of salts, potassium, magnesium and calcium, and group of sugars such as ribose and Alarapinos. It contains 89% water-soluble fiber and is insoluble in alcohol.

Arabic gum صمغ عربي gomme arabique

Gum Arabic: Medicinal Properties, Virtues and Benefits

Gum Arabic contains several benefits that vary according to the types and diseases to be treated. Scientific studies have shown that gum arabic is the most effective cure for kidney disease thanks to the excellent results that have shown the reduction of creatinine levels in patients with renal insufficiency.

• Gum Arabic Hashab is used for the treatment of people with kidney failure. In particular, it improves the functions of the kidneys and it treats diseases related to renal insufficiency which are: high blood pressure, cholesterol, nephritis and diabetes. Gum arabic helps to control blood sugar and it reduces the absorption of sugar in the body.

• Gum Arabic helps reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

• Gum Arabic is also used in the incense industry because it contains fastening properties.

• It is used by women just after childbirth because of its healing properties against wounds, the gum helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria that help in rapid healing.

• Help in the treatment of chest and lung diseases, such as colds and coughs.

• Helps against high levels of urine acidity.

• Helps to strengthen the immune system, so it is advisable to use it with patients with cancer and AIDS.

• Gum arabic contributes to the prevention of cancer diseases, in particular with cancers of the intestines and cancers of the colon and other forms of tumors.

• Helps prevent and treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

• Gum Arabic treats digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea, as it contains fiber, sugars and soluble carbohydrates that contribute to the digestion process and which helps in the growth of bacterial levels beneficial to the stomach and The intestines, and help to get rid of the pathogen and in the construction of the mucosa of the intestinal wall.

• Gum Arabic is considered an effective remedy against obesity, it gives a feeling of fullness, it contributes to the secretion of enzymes responsible for digestion, fatty and high bodies, in the intestines and thus helps to get rid of Excess weight.

• Gum Arabic is used in the treatment of joints and bones, as it contains a significant proportion of calcium.

• Contributes to the promotion of oral health by preventing the growth of bacteria and limestone from teeth.

How to use Gum Arabic?

Gum Arabic is widely used as a cure for many diseases. The mode of use varies according to the nature and stage of the disease. Generally, gum arabic is easy to use since it does not require association with other components.

How to use Gum Arabic with certain diseases

Gum Arabic is used to prevent diseases, 25 grams of gum are added to a glass of warm water and drinks twice a day, morning and evening.

Gum Arabic is used to protect the hair against precipitation and dandruff and weak roots. A little of the gum arabic is mixed with water and applied to the hair, left as a mask for about two hours, then rinsed with water, a difference can be noticed from the first use.

By using gum arabic in the confectionery industry (rather than using starch or gelatin) to make solid, consistent, and natural ingredients.

Gum Arabic is used against skin pathologies, used as a facial mask, you can add some starch with gum arabic and some hot water, then apply the mixture obtained on the face, Then wash with lukewarm water after the mask is thoroughly dried.

Gum Arabic is used to prevent natural disorders of the digestive system, it can suppress spasms in the intestines and the colon: a little gum arabic can be added to a glass of boiling water.

Taking Gum every day helps to control blood sugar, it helps to regulate cholesterol levels and reduce high blood pressure hypertension.

Gum Arabic for the treatment of renal insufficiency

Renal insufficiency is a chronic disease, recent studies have shown that treatment with gum arabic has a positive impact on renal insufficiency. A study was conducted in 20 patients who used 50 grams of gum arabic per day (25 grams in the morning and evening) with a diet based on a reduction in the proportion of proteins for 4 months. This study showed that the amount of beneficial bacteria increased in the gastrointestinal tract, the creatinine level decreased in the kidneys and nitrogen decreased in the colon compared to analyzes before the use of gum arabic. In fact it allows the healing of patients and it has become like the most powerful treatment against kidney failure.

Gum arabic is used with a diet based on protein reduction to reduce the level of toxins and accumulated waste in the process of digestion, the gum components are fermented by colon bacteria that use these materials as As a source of energy and growth to absorb nitrogen and get rid of it.

Note: During treatment, it is recommended to follow a diet low in protein, for better results.

Undesirable effects of Gum Arabic 

Scientific studies have shown that Gum Arabic has no adverse effect, it is safe to use against various diseases.

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