Gum Arabic and kidney failure

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What many do not know is that gum arabic is one of the miracles mentioned in the Quran (mentionned as Manna in the Qur'an). Gum is mentioned in all the heavenly books: the Bible, the Torah and the Holy Quran in more than one sura, including Surah Al-Baqarah :And We shaded you with clouds and sent down to you manna and quails, [saying], "Eat from the good things with which We have provided you." And they wronged Us not - but they were [only] wronging themselves. (Al-Baqarah, Verse 57). It was narrated in Surah Taha: O Children of Israel! We had delivered you from your enemy. And We made a Promise to you (in order to meet you) on the right side of the Tour (Mount Sinai), and We sent to you the Manna and the quails (surah taha, verse 80). And Manna is all sweet substances such as sweet syrup or honey or baked bread. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "It means all that Allah gave to them."

What is kidney failure?

Before going into the definition of renal failure, it is necessary to talk about the kidney: one kidney weighs between 120g and 180g in the adult human and it lengths about 12cm. It cleans up more than 150 liters of blood. It has unique functions arthropod in human life such as the elimination of toxins and exhausts. It has other functions, such as controling the size of body fluids and the amount of red blood cells and regulating the amount of salts in the body. Without the kidneys, a person can not live normally. In the case of kidney failure, the body becomes unable to filter the blood. This leads to the accumulation of toxins and waste, which often require the use of artificial blood filtering. As a result, the body becomes inable to produce the erythropoietin hormone. Erythropoietin is an essential component of the erythrocytes, it is produced by the kidney by 85 percent. The lack of erythropoietin makes the body lose balance and imbalances the functions of the other organs, such as the urinary system, which leads to kidney failure.

The causes of kidney failure are varied and can be limited to two main causes: one is related to the kidney itself (genetic factors, congenital kidney defects, kidney strength ...) and the other is a group of diseases or secondary symptoms. Nephron or nephrotic infections, or so-called "renal glomerulonephritis" or "nephrotic syndrome" (a disease of the central unit responsible for blood filtration) are considered as the main causes of acute and chronic renal insufficiency.

Renal failure is not the new disease, it has existed since ancient times. There are any treatment methods, modern medicine found ways to diagnose the disease. This facilitated the early detection methods. The well known modern methods consist of washing and transplant kidney. Patients with renal failure tend to rely on nature in the treatment of the disease since there is no radical solution in modern medicine in addition to the time and effort required by hospital treatment. Gum Arabic is one of the most effective herbal remedies for renal failure, or as some call it kidney failure.

Benefits of gum arabic in the treatment of kidney failure

Arabic gum contributes to the treatment of chronic renal failure, and the results were good. The rates vary from one patient to another according to several factors. There are those who recover completely. There is also improving and decreases with the number of dialysis sessions. Gum Arabic contributes in this process of healing mechanisms:

  • Gum Arabic consists of nutrients with medicinal properties. The most important nutrients  are the water soluble fibers. Immediately upon entering the body, water soluble fibers are directly related to the kidney to help it perform its functions. The Arabic gum helps reduce creatinine in the blood, which is one of the metabolic products. Kidneys expose creatinine outside the body through the urinary system. The high rate of creatinine in the blood indicates the presence of renal inflammation with the symptoms fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy and loss of appetite.Gum arabic helps to eliminate waste. It prevents accumulation of toxins and the formation of harmful yellow compounds at the end of the intestinal tract.
  • Gum helps to control the rate of sugar and fat in the blood to help people with diabetes and obesity to control the excess weight which contributes to the treatment of kidney failure.
  • Gum stimulates the increase in the rate of mucous cells covering the urinary system. It protects the urinary system tubes to increase its effectiveness in the resistance to inflammations. It protects against the side effects caused by renal insufficiency.
  • Gum Arabic helps the body to absorb nitrogen. high rate of nitrogen indicates the kidneys failure leading to the "urina" disease. Urina symptoms consist of nausea, itching skin, drowsiness and continuous loss of appetite. Consuming gum arabic in this case for a period of 4 months almost activates the kidneys. It reduces the rate of "urina" in the blood by ejecting it with urine. This increases the recovery rates.
  • Gum Arabic is an effective remedy for cleaning urological tracts of precipitations formed by the accumulation of acids and mineral salts. These precipitations can form different sizes of small and large stones. The stones can cause severe renal failure, especially when the urine is concentrated. The patient is often forced to take painkillers to relieve pain or undergo surgery to get rid of them.

How To Use Gum Arabic For Kidney Failure?

Renal failure can be treated with gum in several simple ways. Consume twice daily one liter of water containing 50 g of ground gum (25g in the morning and 25g in the evening). The consumption dures for 3 to 6 months depending on the condition. The gum helps restore the kidneys to a healthy condition in some cases and it improves well the situation with other cases. Gum also helps gradually and naturally to break the stones and reduces the inflammation of the urinary tract and the burning pain associated with urination gradually.

What are the best types of gum arabic?

best types of gum arabic

There are three different types of gum arabic: gum arabic talha, gum Arabic frankincense and gum arabic Hashab. Gum arabic Hashab is useful for treating renal failure.

From our website, it is possible to buy gum arabic Alshabab, its benefits are detailed in the herbs and seeds part. Gum arabic Sudani al-Hashab is also available, crushed and ready for use.

For more information, consult our scientific article on the benefits of gum arabic for the treatment of chronic diseases and our article on the benefits of gum arabic for kidneys and renal insufficiency.

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