Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is one of the main types of oils treating hair problems. It is characterized by softening, repelling and nourishing the hair. It is often used as an alternative to lost hair protein due to exposure to certain environmental factors. Coconut oil has a white color and becomes a gel at low temperatures (in winter or in the refrigerator). The use of coconut oil always gives the expected results, when it is often used. Likewise, the coconut oil must be original.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair

coconut oil for hair

- Coconut oil is suitable for all types of hair (thick hair, dry hair, oily hair, curly hair, colored hair). It is also suitable for children's hair of different ages. It is fine on the skin and on the scalp.

- Coconut oil is considered a natural hair moisturizer against dehydration due to high temperatures and different environmental factors. It can be used on wet hair for 10 minutes and then washed. It can also be used after a light wash to soften the hair and ensure its stability for a long time.

- Natural coconut oil treats the problem of curly and tangled hair. It penetrates the hair follicles to nourish and strengthen them. It gives them moisture and softness from the outside and feeds them from the inside.

- Coconut oil contains fatty acids such as lauric acid, which stimulates the increase of blood flow in the scalp. This helps to soften and protect skin redness, bacteria, crusts, itching and dry hair. It also helps the scalp to breathe and increases the hair density by massaging the scalp with natural coconut oil for about 15 minutes, then washed with warm water.

- Coconut oil is very useful for fine hair because it contains a set of essential vitamins that penetrate the pores to nourish the roots. It prevents damage to the hair especially in the ends of the hair. It gives the hair hydration and stimulates their growth.

Coconut oil is very useful for eyelashes growth. Just mix it with an equal amount of castor oil. Then apply the mixture with a brush (mascara for example) on the eyelashes every day until you notice the desired result.


The benefits of coconut oil for the hair can be summarized as follows:

Treats the problems of curly hair

Thanks to its moisturizing properties, coconut oil can be used to obtain smooth hair without wrinkles. Simply heat two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply them directly to the scalp for about five minutes. This method eliminates curly hair without looking greasy.

Grows eyelashes after daily application

Coconut oil can be used to grow eyelashes. Just mix it evenly with castor oil. Then apply the mixture once a day with a kohl or mascara tool.

Intensifies the eyebrows if combined with castor oil

To intensify the eyebrows, simply adopt the same method described for the growth of eyelashes.

Natural balm for the hair

Because of its medicinal properties, most cosmetics manufacturers use coconut oil as one of the most important components of their products. Indeed, coconut oil penetrates easily into the scalp. It is possible to replace industrial balms with coconut oil. Coconut oil is applied directly to the scalp and left for about half an hour. This recipe makes the hair soft and easy to comb.

Natural moisturizer for dry and brittle hair

Coconut oil can be applied after the bath to soften the hair and moisturize it deeply. It contains the vitamins and minerals that hair needs to develop and look healthy. It can also be used daily without taking a bath.

Antibacterial and antifungal

One of the most important characteristics of coconut oil is that it is a natural antifungal agent. It fights fungi and germs that infect the scalp, which causes a bad smell of hair. Coconut oil can be applied either solo or by adding it to any shampoo.

A powerful antioxidant

Coconut oil fights all infections that can affect the hair and scalp, allowing to have healthy hair.

Helps treat hair loss

One of the most important characteristics of coconut oil is that it has been used since ancient times to combat hair loss. It is possible to add sesame oil to maximize its benefits and reduce hair loss.

Resists to hair damage

Hair damage usually results from environmental factors or severe nutrients deficiency. In general, coconut oil can treat this problem. It eliminates the effects that cause hair damage.

Cools the scalp and resists to its excessive sweating

This feature of coconut oil helps those who suffer from increased sweating especially in the summer. For maximum benefit, sage oil can be added to coconut oil. Then, the mixture is applied twice a day until this problem is eliminated.

Maintains balance of moisture in the scalp and hair

Due to its non-lipid, non-greasy and antiperspirant properties, coconut oil helps restore the balance of hydration to the scalp.

Helps to treat dandruff

Coconut oil is an excellent treatment for dandruff. It can be used daily. Just apply it on the scalp and let it for about 15 minutes. Then wash with shampoo.

Eliminates and protects from lice

Lice are a problem for many people. In the past, lice only affect the poor because certain environmental conditions facilitate their presence. But now they can touch all people. To protect from lice, mix coconut oil with tar oil, neem oil and thyme oil. These combined oils can permanently eliminate lice. Just apply these oils in a moderate amount twice a day.

An excellent hair care for dry hair

Thanks to its moisturizing properties, coconut oil can be applied to clean hair (after bathing) three times a week. This process can eliminate dry hair.

Helps fight scalp boils

Because of its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil can help accelerate the healing of scalp boils. It helps to treat psoriasis and eczema that affect the scalp.

Beneficial for blond hair

Coconut oil is also useful for blond hair as it preserves the hair’s properties.

Helps stop white hair growth

Coconut oil can stop the growth of white hair (not eliminate white hair, but stop its growth). It is also possible to add sesame oil for maximum benefit.

Cream or bath oil for hair

It is possible to massage the scalp with your fingers with a little coconut oil. Let stand for half an hour to one hour, and then rinse with warm water. For best results, the coconut oil can be warmed up before use (temperature below 50°C).

Gives a lasting natural shine to the hair

Because of its non-greasy formula, coconut oil can replace hair serum. It gives a natural glow and no greasy appearance, only if the coconut oil used is natural and unrefined.

Removes entanglements and facilitates combing

Distributing coconut oil in small amounts on wet hair helps to comb the hair without any difficulty. The entanglement of hair disappears in time.

Natural hair conditioner

Coconut oil can withstand the damage caused by hair dryers. It helps to comb wet hair, which facilitates the control of the hairstyle.

Protects brittle hair and prevents it from falling

Coconut oil helps to treat the brittle ends of hair. It prevents hair damage and prevents hair loss due to its rich composition of vitamins and nutrients and moisturizers.

Helps to intensify hair and stimulate its growth

Because coconut oil penetrates easily into the scalp, it penetrates the follicle to provide the nutrients it needs. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, thanks to a continuous massage for 10 minutes. It stimulates hair growth and root growth at the ends.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

- To have the desired result, it is necessary to use natural oil for at least two months, 3 times a week. It is recommended that periods be spaced. Massage the scalp daily even without oil. Massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and hair growth.

- For children, it is advisable to use it once a week. Apply coconut oil to the hair for 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. It can be combined with shampoo for children.

Coconut oil alone can grow hair, but other oils such as castor oil and cactus oil can be added and applied as a mask on the hair. Then wrap the hair in a plastic bag for 3 hours and expose to acceptable temperatures (less than 40 ° C). The hair is then washed with lukewarm water. This mask helps to nourish the hair internally and externally. It gives them length and density in a small period of time.

What are the best types of coconut oil?

best types of coconut oil

Sri Lankan coconut oil (from the Republic of Sri Lanka) is the best coconut oil. Sri Lanka has been known since ancient times for coffee, tea, Alheffia and coconut. Sri Lanka contains a large number of green spaces. It is mired in tropical forests characterized by abundant rains, especially in the south-west of the country. These areas consist mainly of coconut trees, large ebony and teak. In Sri Lanka there are about 3100 species of Knchar plants (also called ferns) in addition to poinsettia flowering plants, orchids, Albojnfel and many types of fruits. The best Sri Lankan fruit is the outstanding quality and reputable coconut compared to other types of coconut oils made in other countries.

Oils could be mixed with coconut oil

In some cases, coconut oil can be mixed with other oils to speed up the results, for example:

Note: It is also possible to consult our scientific article on the benefits of coconut oil for the skin. We have scientifically developed an article about the benefits of coconut oil.

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