Sterility and treatment with Hijama

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Cupping or Hijama is a form of therapy used in traditional medicine (Hijama is the cupping Islamic form). This medical approach is based on the belief that there are different channels within the human body. The vital energy flows through these channels. As long as the energy continues to circulate, the person stays healthy, but when there are obstructions in this flow, these snags are manifested in the form of illnesses and ailments. Cupping therapy can release these obstructions and cause the body to heal itself. This therapy is very effective in treating many diseases, infertility being one of them.

Medically, infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child even after the couple has had unprotected relationships for at least a year and the Hijama can be a very effective remedy in cases, it also helps to increase Success rate of baby tube operations, therapy is often used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Hijama benefits and properties

Properties and benefits of hijama cupping therapy

Cupping therapy or Hijama is considered one of the most important types of traditional treatments. You will find below the main virtues and properties of Hijama as a form of therapy to improve well-being:

• Detoxification

• Stimulates the lymphatic system

• Prevents and treats bowel obstruction (intestinal obstruction).

• Stimulates blood circulation through tissue massage.

• Helps to treat back, neck and shoulder pain.

• Treats cold, hypothermia and numbness.

• Treats and prevents hypertension.

• Prevents and treats high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

• Treats gout and sciatica.

• Treats Infertility

• Stimulates the brain functions.

• Stimulates the glands functions.

• Relieves pressure on the nerves.

• Stimulates capillary growth and limits.

Hijama and fertility

Hijama and treatment of infertility

Hijama can help couples who are trying to conceive a baby, treatment must take place in the morning when the energy is higher and must be every month, for 3 months approx.

Hijama to boost female fertility

As explained above, cupping therapy can prevent problems in reproductive systems that may be the cause of infertility. Treatment helps improve the function of the body's organs, including the female genitalia:

Increases fertility: Invokes ovulation and helps when women do not ovulate or when they have anovulatory cycles
Treats polycystic ovarian syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
Treats the absence of ovulation during the menstrual cycle.
Treats thyroid disorders.
Creates the wall of the uterus and allows it to reproduce.
Implants the eggs.
Treats imbalances of the thyroid gland.
Removes blockages and inflammation in the fallopian tubes.
Eliminates the defects of the luteal phase.
Treats endometriosis or problems where the mucous membrane of the uterus forms outside of it.
Avoids the hormonal imbalances that lead to excessive hair on the face and body.
Helps to have hormonal balance in the body.
Regulates menstruation.
Relieves painful menstruation with cramps.
Hijama and IVF Treatment

If couples opt for IVF treatments, Hijama can help increase the likelihood of success and contribute to the creation of adequate health conditions for fertilization:

Helps regulate female hormones
Mitigates stress levels
Induce the ovaries to develop healthy eggs
Stimulates follicle formation in ovaries
Improves blood circulation in the uterus
Induces the formation of a stronger lining in the uterus
Development of embryos
Improves Immunity of Future Mother
Lower the likelihood of a miscarriage
Decreases the side effects of medications used in IVF.

Hijama and male infertility

The Hijama can be effective in boosting male fertility:

It improves the quality of the spermatozoa.
Help against prostate problems.
Treats infections of the genital tract.
Heals the inflammation of the veins of the scrotum.
Help erectile function
Support for IVF treatments.

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    bl**** 03/18/2017 Reply

    je souhaite faire la hijama. je suis en traitement fiv actuellement. a quel moment c'est le plus favorable ? debut du cycle? quelques jours avant l'ovulation? apres la ponction ?
    merci d'avance
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