Gum Arabic: Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Gum Arabic: Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

What is gum arabic?

Gum arabic is a viscous powder that comes out of the Acacia sisal tree. It is assembled to be crystalline pellets of different sizes completely free of smell and taste. It contains a range of proteins and sugars. It is found in different types: Al-Talha arabic, gum arabic frankincense and arabic gum Al-Hashab. Gum arabic is divided into two main categories: the first is soluble and the other is insoluble. In addition to food uses, gum arabic is among the most important natural materials used for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Gum arabic treats kidney disease, diabetes and cancers of the digestive system. It also treats osteoporosis bone disease.

What is gum arabic?

Benefits of gum arabic for bones

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become soft or weak so that the casualty can not perform simple daily tasks. It is also called "silent disease" as a sign that it is free of symptoms. Osteoporosis affects different age groups (Mid-40s men and women, children and old people). In addition to age, many other factors contribute to osteoporosis, such as lack of calcium and vitamins in the body, smoking, drinking alcohol, frequent medication, frequent pregnanciesand lack of exercise. In spite of the multiplicity and diversity of drugs that address this disease, many went to the natural herbs to prevent it. Rich of natural elements proven to be effective in bone health care, gum arabic is among the herbs that help in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

- Gum contains a significant percentage of calcium. Calcium makes up about 2 percent of the human body. Bones and teeth use up to about 90 percent of calcium. It helps to promote bone health especially after the age of thirty when the rate of calcium begins to decline relatively within the bones.

- Gum arabic protects against osteoporosis and contributes to its treatment. Gum arabic supplies the body with essential vitamins and minerals that reduce the rate of fractures and maintain healthy growth of bones.

- Gum Arabic contains vitamin D, considered as one of the essential vitamins that help in the formation of bones. Vitamin D supports its density and prevents loss. It maintains the rate of calcium and phosphorus in the body and controls the rate of their presence in the bone. The lack or absence of this vitamin can lead to a significant delay in bone growth as possible causing severe arthritis and joint rheumatic disease.

- Gum Arabic accelerates the healing of bone fractures and injuries

- Gum is recommended for women during and even before menopause. It can protect against osteoporosis affecting many women. Osteoporosis is one of the diseases resulting from menopause.

- Gum Arabic protects against back pain often caused by weight gain or by a kidney problem. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to slim and ability to treat kidney diseases, gum helps to relieve pressure around the back area. This reflects positively on the health of the back.

Other benefits of gum arabic

- The most important benefit is that it addresses renal failure and kidney disease in general.

- Stimulates digestive enzymes which helps digestion.

- Limits the severity of colon infections.

- Helps to burn fat and adjust blood sugar.

- Reduces the rate of harmful cholesterol and treats high blood pressure.

- Prevents viral hepatitis.

- Helps treat sexual dysfunction.

- Rich in fibers, gum Arabic helps to loose weight.


  1. For more information, consult our scientific article about the benefits of gum arabic for the treatment of chronic diseases and our article about the benefits of gum arabic kidneys and renal failure .
  2. Sudanese gum arabic Al Hashab is available in our website in the herbs and seeds corner. We also have the Sudanese gum arabic, crushed and ready for use.

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