Benefits of Gum Arabic and its Medicinal Virtues

Benefits of Gum Arabic and its Medicinal Virtues

Gum Arabic is currently considered one of the most natural substances used in the pharmaceutical industry. Its reputation has been strengthened due to its preventive and therapeutic properties proven through the experiments that were spontaneous in the beginnings. It is observed that the population of the regions where gum arabic is grown in Sudan (such as Kordofan, Darfur, And Blue Nile and Kassala), have no diseases, especially kidney disease and osteoporosis, and low rates of diabetes. That's why, scientific researches were launched to study the benefits, characteristics, the prevention of diseases and the treatment mechanism of gum arabic.

Gum arabic is extracted from acacia trees (or Akasia Sial). Sudan is the largest producer and exporter of gum arabic, with about 90% of the world's gum arabic production.

And for those who do not know, the gum arabic is one of the miracles of the Holy Quran, which Allah spoke about (mentioned in the name of Manna ) in several Quranic verses, including what is mentioned in Surah Taha: O Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We appointed with you a tryst on the right side of the Mount and We sent down to you manna and quails (80) And the gum is kind of the Manna according to the interpretation of the scholars, which is one of the greatest blessings that God gave to the children of Israel.

One of the most important properties of gum arabic: it is considered as the most powerful probiotics in the world. It does not compete with any other material as it helps to form beneficial bacteria contributing to the treatment and prevention of several intractable diseases: the colon, liver and kidney, which are difficult to cure with chemical drugs. Gum arabic can treat kidney failure, fractures, osteoporosis, colon diseases, and some heart diseases.

Gum arabic

Before reading the article, this is a detail of the main benefits of gum arabic which we will talk about :

Benefits of Arabic gum for kidneys.

Benefits of Arabic gum for slimming.

Benefits of Arabic gum for diabetes.

Benefits of arabic gum for colon.

Benefits of arabic gum for skin.

Benefits of gum arabic for children.

Benefits of Arabic gum for hair.

Benefits of Arabic gum for liver.

General benefits of gum arabic.

Benefits of arabic gum for bones .

Medicinal benefits of arabic gum.

Types of gum arabic

Gum Arabic Talha: Used in the pharmaceutical, industrial color, cosmetics and confectionery industries.

Gum Arabic: is used in the treatment of diseases such as renal insufficiency and bone diseases (such as fractures and osteoporosis), heart disease, colon, chest, lung and stomach. It is the best type of gum arabic because of its high quality properties and components which contribute to the treatment of these diseases.

Gum Arabic frankincense: is generally used to treat chest and lung diseases.

Gum arabic components

Gum arabic is a natural form of fiber, mineral salts and carbohydrates. 89% of gum arabicis composed of quality fibers, the rest is a mixture of potassium, magnesium and calcium salts and a group of carbohydrates such as ribose and alarabinos. It is soluble in water.

Chemically, gum arabic is a fragile substance. It is generally odorless and tasteless. It contains a number of monosaccharides, acids, calcium and other electrolytes. The main ingredient of gum is the soluble fiber and calcium salts, as mentioned earlier. But its chemical structure is still complex and has not been fully explained and analyzed.

Benefits of gum arabic

1- The benefits of gum arabic for kidneys

Gum Arabic contributes to the treatment of chronic renal failure and chronic deficiency, with mildly excellent results. Patient response rates vary from one to another according to several factors: external (gum quality, water quality in treatment), internal (the patient's diet, the extent to which the gum is interacting with the body and the presence of other diseases). There were two results: the first ones were healed completely, the second's ones condition was improved and the number of times dialysis (filtering) were reduced. Gum arabic can treat renal insufficiency:
  • Gum Arabic consists of nutrients with medicinal properties. The most important nutrients  are the water soluble fibers. Immediately upon entering the body, water soluble fibers are directly related to the kidney to help it perform its functions. The Arabic gum helps reduce creatinine in the blood, which is one of the metabolic products. Kidneys expose creatinine outside the body through the urinary system. The high rate of creatinine in the blood indicates the presence of renal inflammation with the symptoms fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy and loss of appetite.
  • Gum helps to eliminate waste. It prevents accumulation of toxins and the formation of harmful yellow compounds at the end of the intestinal tract.
  • Gum Arabic helps control the level of sugar and fat in the blood. It helps people with diabetes and obesity to control excess weight. It is also one of the factors that help to treat kidney failure.
  • Stimulates the increase in the rate of mucous cells covering the urinary system. It protects the urinary system tubes to increase its effectiveness in the resistance to inflammations. It protects against the side effects caused by renal insufficiency.
  • Gum Arabic helps the body to absorb nitrogen. high rate of nitrogen indicates the kidneys failure leading to the "urina" disease. Urina symptoms consist of nausea, itching skin, drowsiness and continuous loss of appetite. Consuming gum arabic in this case for a period of 4 months almost activates the kidneys. It reduces the rate of "urina" in the blood by ejecting it with urine. This increases the recovery rates.
  • Gum Arabic is an effective remedy for cleaning urological tracts of precipitations formed by the accumulation of acids and mineral salts. These precipitations can form different sizes of small and large stones. The stones can cause severe renal failure, especially when the urine is concentrated. The patient is often forced to take painkillers to relieve pain or undergo surgery to get rid of them.

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2- Benefits of gum arabic for slimming

Rich in fibers and mineral composition, The gum arabic contributes significantly to weight loss. This helps to curb the accumulation of fat and grease and accelerate the metabolism. Its high content of fiber helps to feel fullness. It helps to lose weight without losing the essential elements of vitamins and minerals. It limits only the components leading to obesity only.

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3- Benefits of Arabic gum for diabetes

Drinking Arabic gum dissolved in water daily helps reduce sugar and body absorption of sugars.

It provides the body needs of vitamins and minerals needed by diabetics.

It stimulates the body to produce insulin and restricts the body's resistance to it (here we talk about the autoimmune immunity that is characterized by the attack of immune cells on beta cells producing insulin).

It stimulates the pancreas and prevents its disorders. It also helps to convert sugar stored in the body into a combustible sugar, which limits the concentration of sugar in the blood.

Gum protects the pancreas from pancreatic insufficiency caused by inflammation. Excessive drinking, smoking or cystic disorders are the main reasons that cause pancreatic disorders.

It protects from the rise of ketone acids, which cause acidity of blood and urine especially for people with type 1 diabetes. It reduces the proliferation of ketones inhibiting the consumption of glucose in the blood.

Note: The use of gum arabic with diabetes herbal tea gives excellent results in reducing sugar stock quickly.

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4- Benefits of gum arabic colon

Gum arabic reduces the activity of excess antibodies causing inflammation of the colon. It helps prevent muscle cramps in the stomach causing acute pain in the bowel area. It prevents against colon cancer by adding gum Arabic to meals. It can also be taken to heal pain and cramps in the abdomen and intestines and eject gases from the body in a natural way. And so, it removes the swelling and convulsions in the muscles of the digestive system.

5- Benefits of Arabic gum for skin

The gum arabic is used in most formulations of skin care creams. It contributes to moisturizing and adjust the level of facial and body fat secretions. This helps to treat most facial problems such as freckle and irritation pills. It also protects the skin against sunburn. It is used in the treatment of vaginal diseases, external itching and skin allergies. it tightens the face and reduces wrinkles. It can be used as a mask by mixing a little starch with gum arabic and watermelon. Apply it to the skin and then wash after it dry on the face.

6- Benefits of gum arabic for children

Rich in calcium, arabic gum helps to build bones in children. The calcium ratio in arabic gum is similar to that of the mother's milk. It also helps to strengthen children's immunity and prevents against asthma and cough. In addition, it helps to brighten the mind. So, it is possible to add gum arabic to children in sweets instead of using gluten or starch. This makes food and sweets more solid and cohesive, its role here is similar to the role of glacier.

7- Benefits of Arabic gum for hair

As mentionned before, arabic gum is rich in fiber and proteins. It contains important ingredients to protect hair from falling, crust appearance or weakness in its roots. It also contributes to the treatment of head alopecia causing erosion of the roots and baldness. Due to its properties and structure, gum arabic contributes to the formation of a buffer layer against these diseases. In the case of greasy hair, it regulates the level of fatty secretions in hair and gives it some moisturizing. It regulates and treats most hair problems without causing any damage in hair. Arabic gum is used in combinations of various types of hair creams and medical shampoos. It is possible to mix arabic gum with only a little honey or water, wash the hair with it and leave it for about two hours and then shower. Differences can be observed in a short time.

8- Benefits of Arabic gum for liver

Gum arabic protects from liver diseases such as hepatic leukemia or high liver enzymes, which can cause liver damage or osmosis. It regulates the blood sugar level and the secretion of bile in the liver. It activates and renews the red blood cells by strengthening liver and tissues. Arabic gum can be added to daily food.

9- General benefits of gum arabic

- Helps to increase the efficiency of brain and nervous system performance in general. 
- Protects the reproductive system from the symptoms of inflammation and itching. It protects the urinary system from obstruction of the urethra that can result from the aggregation of gravel. 
- Helps maintain the digestive system and protects it from diarrhea and constipation.

10- Benefits of Arabic gum for bones

As mentioned above, gum arabic is rich in calcium. This helps to strengthen the bones and protect them from the dangers of exposure to osteoporosis. It helps to heal the fractures caused in any part of the human body and cures them as soon as possible. Gum arabic is taken in double doses in the case of fractures. And, it is taken in a moderate amounts to strengthen bone structure especially by children or older people who are more prone to osteoporosis.

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11- Medicinal benefits of gum arabic

- Increases the immunity system of cancer patients or AIDS . It stimulates the production of mucous cells in the body. It is included in most medical and therapeutic structures to help get rid of these diseases. 
- Helps in the process of forming benign bacteria. Benign bacteria prevent of many internal diseases, especially liver and kidney diseases.

What are the best types of gum arabic?

There are different varieties of arabic gum, known well by the Sudanese who produce it. There are three main types: gum arabic talha, gum arabic frankincense and gum arabic Al-Hashab (Sudanese of course). Gum arabic Al-Hashab is the most useful arabic gum for treating chronic diseases, especially renal failure.

The Sudanese gum arabic al-Hashab and its benefits can be found in the herbs and seeds corner.

Arabic gum Al-Hashab is available in our website, it is grounded and ready for use.

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