Gum Arabic and its benefits

Gum Arabic and its benefits

Gum arabic and extraction method

When we talk about gum arabic and its benefits, the first thing that comes to mind is its industrial and medicinal benefits in general. However, the benefits of gum arabic go beyond the industrial field to reach treatments of diseases. Several studies proved the feasibility of gum arabic in the treatment of several chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, osteoporosis, arthritis. Let's talk first about gum arabic and its source.

Gum is a substance or emulsion extracted from the stems and branches of the hemp tree (grows in Sudan). Gum is a substance made up of carbohydrates. Its color is semi-transparent white that tends to brown and orange. Gum arabic turns into broken pieces such as glass containing several food and pharmaceutical materials. Gum arabic retains its medicinal properties if it is well preserved. It can reach for decades without any changes. It can last up to five thousand years without any change in its chemical properties.

It is also possible to extract gum (not gum arabic) from some plants naturally, or as a result of a disease condition affecting the plants. The types and structures of gum differs according to the plant sources. It is chemically divided into two types: the first is soluble and the second absorbs water. The gum arabic tree can live up to more than three decades, resisting the severe heat and drought. This tree is spread largely in Sudan. It is one of the most important sources of hard currency to the State of Sudan.

Gum arabic: extraction method

Gum arabic and its benefits

Chemically, gum arabic is a natural organic product that does not react easily to chemicals. It is characterized by its light taste, lack of aroma, as well as its ease of dissolving in water. It is an ingredient used by health and cosmetics industries. It is used to prepare healthy meals and diet foods (especially slimming diets and diabetic diets) because it is rich in fiber. It also helps the body to get rid of toxins and waste. It is very useful for kidney patients, failure and renal insufficiency. It helps to treat and cure kidney failure by reducing the proportion of urina in the blood.

The gum arabic has a great ability to absorb carcinogens and protects gastrointestinal cancers especially colorectal cancer. It protects stomach ulcers, treats chronic constipation, helps reduce cholesterol levels, helps prevent heart disease, breaks down fat and reduce weight. It reduces the glucose absorption rate, which in turn contributes to the treatment of diabetes. Gum also regulates the secretion of insulin (the rate of glucose released in the blood of diabetics). It also contains other health and therapeutic benefits for gastrointestinal patients. It can help to treat burns and osteoporosis, acute diarrhea, and bleeding cessation, as well as viral hepatitis A, B and C.

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