Gum Arabic and diabetes

Gum Arabic and diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a high blood glucose level. It usually occurs for three main reasons:

  • "Autoimmune diabetes": when the body is unable to produce insulin completely. In this case, the immune system attacks and destroys beta cells responsible for the production of insulin (hormone regulating the blood sugar). Autoimmune diabetes usually begins in childhood and is often genetic or congenital to the pancreas.
  • The second type of diabetes occurs when the body produces the insulin hormone in small amount that does not respond to the daily requirements of the body. It is usually associated with the factor of inheritance, increase weight and age.
  • The third type is gestational diabetes that accompanies many women during pregnancy.

The symptoms of diabetes vary from one type to another: frequent urination, severe and persistent fatigue, frequent eating with loosing weight. It is among the lifelong diseases (except gestational diabetes).

Prevention is better than treatment of course. But if diabetes occurs, it requires immediate treatment to prevent causing other diseases such as sexual dysfunction., eye diseases, diabetic foot, kidney and other diseases that resulting from the negligence of the diabetic treatment. Arab Sudanese gum is one of the natural plants for the prevention of diabetes. Rich in therapeutic and preventive properties, gum arabic also helps in the diabetes treatment process.

Benefits of Sudanese gum arabic for diabetes

Sudanese gum arabic for diabetes

  • Gum Arabic helps to adjust the level of blood sugar. It provides the body's requirements of vitamins and minerals needed by the diabetic.
  • Gum Arabic stimulates the body to produce insulin in sufficient quantity. It also reduces body's resistance to insulin.
  • Gum stimulates the pancreas secretion and prevents its disturbance. It helps to convert the sugar stored in the body into a combustible sugar, which limits the concentration of blood sugar.
  • Gum Arabic protects against pancreatic insufficiency usually caused by infections. Excessive drinking, smoking or cystic disorders are the main reasons that lead to infections preventing the pancreas from functioning normally.
  • Gum arabic protects against the risk of high levels of ketone acid, which causes acidity in the blood and urine, especially in patients with type 1 diabetes. It limits the proliferation of ketones (waste formed after the body burns fat) that prevent blood glucose consumption.

The benefits of gum arabic are many and can not be limited. In this article we dedicate its benefits to diabetics.

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- Blood sugar should be monitored regularly to ensure control.

- A healthy diet that contains low-fat foods and calories that don't raise the rate of sugar in blood, such as turnip, spinach, beans and tomatoes.

- Exercise for at least half an hour a day, such as walking, swimming and weight lifting, will contribute to reduce the body's need for insulin.

- Avoid stress: the continuous psychological stress increases the blood sugar. Also, stress cause production of hormones disturbing the normal function of insulin.

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  • Bouraoui Trabelsi

    Bouraoui Trabelsi 03/14/2018

    Avez vous la gomme arabic ashab ( contre le diabète )

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