Treat baldness: natural tips to follow

Treat baldness: natural tips to follow

Baldness is the major loss of hair of which men are often the victims. Also known as alopecia by doctors, being bald, you lose your hair little by little until you become bald. This situation is not always easy for people who are victims. There are several treatments and products on the market that are supposed to fight baldness, but you may have allergies or do not like to use chemicals on your head. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to make a natural remedy to treat baldness !

Olive oil

This oil is already very famous among women, because it has impressive virtues on the hair. Olive oil helps hair growth, but also protects the hair from breakage as well as heat or cold. To do this, you need two tablespoons of olive oil, a spoonful of honey and a little cinnamon powder. First heat the olive oil before adding the other ingredients. The mixture you will get will be applied to the scalp and damaged hair. Let stand about fifteen minutes before washing with your usual shampoo. This method is to be applied two to three times a week for one month.

natural treatment against baldness


Fenugreek is a medicinal plant that is used to fight against hair loss. Often present in Indian hair treatments, this plant helps to stimulate the growth of your hair. You must first obtain fenugreek seeds that you will need to finely grind. Then make a thin paste by adding water. Apply it directly on the hair plate. Let stand for one to two hours before rinsing. We advise you to do this treatment at most three times a week.

Beer yeast

To treat fine hair, many women have already used beer yeast. This powder is also effective to fight against baldness and strengthen the hair so that they do not fall quickly. Beer yeast is made up of many minerals that are needed to stop hair loss like vitamin B1, B2 or B9. Beer yeast is presented in different forms: the capsule can be used as an oil or cream on your hair. It can be mixed with different essential oils, but also with honey or egg yolk depending on the characteristics of your hair. The tablets are consumed as a dietary supplement. Frequency and quantity to be consumed are often defined on the manufacturer's manual otherwise you will need a professional.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very affordable and helps protect hair from external aggressions. To use it, mix two to three tablespoons of this vinegar with about one liter of cold water. Rinse and massage your hair with this water and let it dry right away.

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