Gum arabic for slimming

Gum arabic for slimming

For those who do not know gum arabic, it is the natural secretions of acacia trees (or Senegal), where it grows especially in Sudan. Sudan produces about 89% of the world gum production. The use of gum Arabic includes the fields of industry and pharmacy. But, recent research and clinical trials found several Health benefits of gum arabic, especially to treat kidney failure, osteoporosis and diabetes. However, its role in slimming is important, it is also used to treat obesity.

Gum arabic and slimming

As it is rich in fibers, which give a feeling of fullness for a long time, gum arabic is among the preferred methods used to reduce weight. As it is rich in water-soluble fibers, gum arabic contributes to curb the accumulation of fat and grease in the body. Water-soluble fibers provide a sense of fullness and slow the absorption of sugar in the intestines. Most of Hollywood stars use diets rich in fiber as it is healthy and contribute to maintain fitness.

How to use gum arabic for slimming?

Grind 60 grams of Sudanese gum (about four spoons) and divide them twice a day. Then, two teaspoons of gum are mixed in a glass of water and left for about two hours to melt. Finally, drink the cup half an hour before the lunch. The same process is repeated the evening before dinner.

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Other Benefits of Gum Arabic

Gum arabic is also used to treat several chronic diseases: especially bone diseases (fractures and osteoporosis), teeth and kidney diseases (renal failure). It also treats the digestive system diseases, especially chronic colon and the problems of constipation and diarrhea. Never the less, gum arabic is used to clean and whiten the skin. Furthermore, it is used to clean the liver of toxins and burning fat.

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What are the best types of gum arabic?

types of gum arabic

Gum arabic is divided into three main types known especially by the Sudanese producers:

  • Gum arabic talha
  • Gum Arabic frankincense
  • Gum arabic Hashab

Gum arabic Hashab is Sudanese origin. It is the most beneficial gum arabic for the treatment of chronic diseases, especially the kidney diseases.

From our website, it is possible to buy gum arabic Al-Hashab, its benefits are detailed in the herbs and seeds part. Gum arabic Sudani al-Hashab (cannery) is also available: bags of 150g containing crushed gum ready for use.

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