The best natural treatments for hair loss

The best natural treatments for hair loss

Losing some hair every day is a normal physiological phenomenon. Men lose about 40 hair a day while women lose about 70 hair. Usually, new hair grows instead of hair falling. However, this phenomenon becomes pathological when the falling hair is not replaced, or when it is replaced by weaker and less dense hair, or when the rate of hair falling exceeds the normal rate we mentioned.

Hair loss is usually accompanied by a fearful and painful feeling, especially when the cause of the fall is not known. In this article, we will review the most important causes of hair loss. We will give the most effective solutions and natural remedies in reducing the phenomenon of hair loss, which helps to resume the natural hair cycle.

Causes of hair loss

 hair loss causes

Hormonal causes

Hormonal causes are common causes of hair loss. Thyroid disorders are the most important hormonal cause of hair loss. Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can weaken hair follicles which causes severe and chronic hair loss. For some people, thyroid disorders can weaken the eyebrows and eyelashes. For others, it can cause a total loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Physiological causes

Physiological causes (ie, a transient body phase) are the causes of hair loss. They block its normal growth. They are also linked to hormonal disorders, notably pregnancy and lactation. Pregnancy and lactation are accompanied by nutrient deficiencies and hormonal disorders. For pregnant women, nutrient deficiencies are the result of fetal food needs withdrawn from the mother to the foetus. As well for the nursing mother, nutrient deficiencies are caused by producing the milk.

Bad nutrition

As mentioned previously, the causes of hair loss are all interconnected. The nutritive aspect can be a cause of hormonal disorders (nutrient deficiencies for gland function). It may be the result of hormonal disorders (hunger hormone disorder). It can support a physiological state (good nutrition or malnutrition during pregnancy). It can result of a physiological condition such as nutrient deficiency during breastfeeding. In general, the causes of hair loss resulting from malnutrition are common, it results especially of anemia. Lack of iron and zinc is one of the main causes of hair problems in general and of hair loss in particular. There are other important nutrients for hair growth and health; we will mention them in another scientific article to not complicate this article. In general, the person who suffers from hair loss should make the necessary analysis to determine the amount of iron and zinc in his body. Then determine the correct treatment method of hair loss.

Hereditary causes

Genetic causes are one of the reasons of hair loss. Hair loss can be observed simply in brothers and relatives who have hair loss. This situation results of two reasons:

Genetic cause: Genetic defect since birth. It is associated with genetic composition, hormones and age.

A "genetic predisposition" that results from some factors. The factors can be summarized in three: The increase of the hormone testosterone or the increase of its active formula, the increase of the sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone or by an internal or external factor.

Viral, bacterial and fungal causes

Some types of viruses cause hair loss, such as AIDS. Some types of fungus and bacteria cause local hair loss (ie somewhere in the head). Regular external treatment usually helps to resolve this problem.

Psychological causes

Psychological causes are among the causes of hair loss in women and in men. It can cause baldness in men. The problem in the psychological reasons that it became the first accused: When the doctor cannot diagnose the cause of hair loss, he confirms that cause is the psychological side (Anxiety and psychological stress). Unfortunately, the same thing happens with the rest of the diseases: when the doctor can't get an accurate diagnosis, he does not admit it, but confirms that the psychological reason is the cause.

Drugs causing hair loss

There are some types of drugs that can cause hair loss because they impede the absorption of the iron component necessary for the healthy growth of hair. We especially cite here the anti-acid drugs, oral contraceptives, arthritis drugs, etc. It is also known that cancer chemotherapy causes hair loss and hair problems in general.

Other causes

We tried to limit most causes of hair loss, but they are numerous and cannot be limited. Other causes of hair loss include some factors of pollution, some autoimmune diseases or other diseases where hair loss is one of its symptoms. As we have already explained, the causes are interconnected. One cause can be due to another one, and one cause can be a symptom of other one and so on.

Types of hair loss

hair loss types

There are many types of hair loss, and its causes vary as. We cite among these causes:

Regular hair loss

It is the most common type of hair loss. It occurs at the same frequency throughout the scalp and is usually not severe. This type of hair loss is noticed when combing hair or when washing.

Severe hair loss

It causes an important hair loss in a sudden way. It is usually caused by the presence of a disease or by the use of medicine (such as cancer chemotherapy, for example).

Local hair loss

It causes a hair loss in a specific place of the scalp. There are many types of local hair loss and multiple causes, which can include:

  • Fungal or bacterial infections
  • Some hits such as bruises and burns
  • Alopecia

Treatment of hair loss

Those who suffer from hair loss seek to find radical solutions for this problem which is often embarrassing. As thick and shiny hair is the dream of every person, some resort to consult a doctor to take appropriate medicines, while others use home remedies to reduce hair loss with effective natural and nutritious mixtures like Henna, Yemeni henna and Indian herbs.

Treatment of hair loss with oils

Essential oils have several benefits for skin and hair. Scientific studies have shown that these valuable products are able to fight hair loss.

Essential oils extracted from aromatic plants have a magical effect if used wisely on hair. Research has shown that they stimulate the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the tissues. They purify the scalp by removing bacteria that can affect hair growth. Tea tree oil, sage oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil and garlic oil are the best oils to treat hair growth. Other essential oils such as laurel oil are effective in improving hair growth and in strengthening and intensifying the hair. Essential oils also help to moisturize hair fibers and restore the hair beauty.

Treatment of hair loss with garlic oil

Garlic oil helps to treat dandruff and problems of the scalp. It activates the follicles and prevents hair loss. It restores the activity of hair follicles for people with baldness. It is ideal for dry hair as it gives it a beautiful shine and beauty. Garlic is a powerful antiseptic that has proven effectiveness in detoxification and decongestant.

How to use

To collect the benefits of garlic oil, it is possible to:

  • Massage it on the scalp with circular movements.
  • Dilute it in other oils such as sweet almond oil or argan oil for example.
  • The hair is then wrapped. Wash it after a few hours or the next morning. Repeat this process several times a week.

Treatment of hair loss with aloe vera oil

Aloe vera oil helps to prevent hair loss. It repairs the hair’s roots, moisturizes it and re-structures it thanks to its rich texture. It also strengthens the hair and nourishes its follicles deeply.

How to use

  • Hair straightening: Aloe vera oil is used instead of hair cream before shampoo once or twice a week for 15 minutes.
  • For oily hair: Apply aloe vera oil to the hair follicles without touching the roots.
  • Nourish the hair: Apply drops of aloe vera oil once or twice a week to the hair as a conditioner for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, rinse with water and apply shampoo as usual.

Treatment of hair loss with coconut oil

Coconut oil helps to promote hair growth. It fights inflammation and prevents from hair loss. Its components help maintain the hair healthy, strengthen it and protect it from the effects of premature aging such as baldness and hair loss.

How to use

  • Improve hair health: Boil the sage leaves in coconut oil. Apply the mixture to the scalp.
  • Hair loss prevention: apply lemon juice and coconut oil to the scalp.

Treatment of hair loss with rosemary oil

The rosemary oil helps to prolong the hair and to promote its growth. It strengthens the scalp which stimulates the hair growth from the roots and prevents it fall. It stimulates the blood circulation which makes the hair healthy and shiny. It also darkens the hair, which works to hide white and gray hair. Essential oil of rosemary helps to:

  • Stimulate hair growth.
  • Strengthen hair and scalp.
  • Fight dandruff.
  • Improve the condition of damaged and brittle hair.

How to use

Hair growth and strengthening: Rosemary oil is used by diluting 8 drops in 100 ml of any other vegetable oil or by adding two drops to the shampoo.

Treatment of hair loss with ginger oil

According to the center of Medical University of Maryland, ginger oil helps strengthen hair and make it healthier and brighter as it is rich magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and volatile compounds. It also helps stimulate blood circulation and hair growth follicles and prevent hair fall. In addition, ginger oil is characterized by anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore an effective natural way to eliminate dandruff. It is rich in fatty acids that increase the volume of hair.

How to use

  • Hair growth: Mix four drops of ginger oil with a tablespoon of jojoba oil. Put the mixture on the scalp, massage well. Leave it at a whole night and wash the next morning with warm water.
  • Anti-dandruff: Mix five drops of ginger oil with a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage well.
  • For damaged hair: Mix sesame oil with ginger oil. Apply the mixture to damaged hair follicles and massage the scalp well. This mixture stimulates blood circulation, relieves scalp dryness and increases healthy hair growth.

Oils mix for hair loss treatment

Mixes made from vegetable oils are the most effective option for the treatment of hair loss. They nourish and stimulate the growth and health of the scalp and hair follicles. In general, these mixtures are inexpensive and have many uses. When applied, it would be noticed that the hair grows gradually.

How to use

  • Increase hair volume: The castor oil mask, organic avocado oil and Neem oil make the hair gradually recover in the long term. It gives it a natural and thicker volume, which contributes to improving its appearance.
  • Have soft shiny hair: The oils mix works to soften the hair and increase its shine, making the hair look healthy. Mix two teaspoons of olive oil, of sesame oil and of coconut oil and heat them for 2 minutes. Then, massage the scalp with oils mixture. Cover the hair with a hot wet towel and leave it for 40 minutes. Finally wash the hair with shampoo and warm water.
  • Treat brittle loss: Especially in the case of very curly hair, oil baths contribute to the maintenance of hair health and prevention of brittle. Cut the edges of the hair, then mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a large spoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of watercress oil and heat the mixture in the bath of Mary. Use the oils mix to massage the scalp with circular movements. Repeat this process with the ends of the hair. Cover the hair with plastic bag for one hour. Finally, wash with shampoo.

It is recommended to use the duo argan oil - prickly pear because it is an important source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that work to treat and nourish the hair.

Treatment of hair loss with herbs

herbs for hair loss

Herbal remedies have become increasingly popular thanks to their efficiency and low price. They delay hair loss and have beneficial effects of hormonal activity. They can be used as supplements to promote hair growth, stimulate and nourish hair follicles and scalp and to make it healthier.

Herbs are an effective treatment for those who suffer from hair loss because they are natural treatments and therefore safe and without side effects. The best way to improve the health of hair is the use of many herbs at the same time to accumulate their positive effect and accelerate the treatment results.

In some cases, the use of plants and herbs is inevitable to promote the hair growth, fight its loss, and make it more resistant to external factors. This contributes to the reduction of hair loss, to stimulate the hair growth and to give it more volume.

Treatment of hair loss with masks

Everyone is looking for a product that helps stop hair loss and accelerate its growth to make it healthier and more beautiful. However, many products in the market are ineffective and do not achieve expected results even if they are used frequently. Hair loss can be stopped using home-made masks, but it needs a lot of patience.

The super-simple ingredients in the food store of each house help to grow and nourish hair such as olive oil, eggs and bananas. Whatever is the type of hair, there is necessarily a homemade hair mask that will strengthen the hair and reduce its fall.

How to use

  • Castor Oil and Egg Mask: Mix castor oil with vitamin A liquid and yolk egg. Apply the mixture to wet hair. Leave it approximately for an hour, then rinse with warm water.
  • Onion Mask: Mix 3 onion in the blender to get thick juice. Filter the mixture to get the onion juice. Apply the juice to the scalp and hair. Then cover the hair with a hot towel and leave it for at least two hours. The hair is washed with the usual shampoo and lukewarm water.

Treatment of hair loss with bee pollen

Bee pollen stimulates hair growth and has a positive effect on hair growth and nutrition. It is also a basic dietary supplement for hair and is a preventive treatment for its fall due to illness or fatigue. It also helps to stimulate hair in cases of baldness.

How to use

  • Food supplement to stimulate hair growth: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon of pollen in a glass of water. Drink the mixture twice a day one hour before meals.
  • Hair growth mask: A mask made of bee pollen with hot water helps stimulate hair growth.
  • Prevention of hair loss: Eating about a tablespoon of bee pollen every day by adding it to juices or milk shake helps to strengthen hair roots and prevents it from falling. It gives it a great shine!
  • Improve the appearance of hair: dissolving a teaspoon of bee pollen in a tablespoon of shampoo contributes to get beautiful hair!

Treatment of hair loss with royal jelly

Royal jelly is a rich component in vitamin B5. It ensures faster hair growth and contributes to get a greater volume of hair. It also reduces hair loss.

How to use

  • Food supplement to stimulate hair growth: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of royal jelly in a glass of water. Drink the mixture twice a day one hour before meals.
  • Enhance hair growth: Mix some royal jelly with coconut milk. Put the mixture on hair for 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water.
  • Prevent hair loss: Mix two tablespoons of almond oil with royal jelly. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds. Put the mixture on the hair for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water and shampoo.

Treatment of hair loss with ginseng roots

Ginseng root promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. It improves the health of hair follicles and cells thus helping to prevent hair loss. Ginseng promotes blood circulation and helps to absorb the optimal oxygen. It improves the health of the internal organs of the body and thus fights hair loss automatically.

How to use

Prevent hair loss: Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of almond oil on low heat. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of ginseng powder. Add 10 drops of any essential oils. Rub oil on hair and scalp for 10 to 15 minutes to stimulate blood flow. Then leave it for an hour and rinse with shampoo.

Treatment of hair loss with maca roots

The roots of the maca stimulate hair growth by increasing the proliferation of cells in the hair follicles. It also strengthens the hair by increasing the proliferation of cells in the epithelial membrane. In addition, it limits the negative impact of external factors such as pollution, and internal factors such as anxiety, stress and the lack of trace elements and of vitamins. Maca oil intensifies naturally hair and accelerates the process of repairing damaged and dry hair.

How to use

  • Hair Strengthening: Adding maca root powder to shampoo strengthens hair. It is also a daily preventive routine.
  • Hair loss treatment: Add some water to the maca powder to make a paste. Apply it to the head for ten to fifteen minutes before bathing. It helps to restore elasticity and density of hair.
  • Treatment of dry scalp: Apply maca powder directly to the scalp.

Treatment of hair loss with propolis

The propolis purifies the scalp and hair by providing a healthy environment. It also helps fight hair loss. The results of a new Japanese scientific study revealed that propolis is capable of treating men who suffer from hair loss and baldness because it is an effective element in regrowth of hair.

How to use

  • Enhance hair growth: Mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of propolis. Then put the mixture on bare areas of hair and leave it for 1 hour. Finally rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Hair loss treatment mask: Mix a tablespoon of onion juice with a teaspoon of propolis, egg yolk, a teaspoon of garlic juice and a teaspoon of aloe vera juice. Apply the mixture to the scalp and leave it for an hour then wash.
  • Hair Strengthening Mask: Combine a tablespoon of nettle leaves with a tablespoon of jojoba oil, a teaspoon of calendula flowers, a teaspoon of chamomile flowers, a half teaspoon of propolis, a tablespoon of honey and 200 grams of water. Smash the nettle and mix with calendula and chamomile flowers. Add them to a bottle of boiling water and leave it for half an hour. Filter the mixture and add the rest of the ingredients. Apply the mask twice a week.
  • Mask for all hair problems: Mix a tablespoon of castor oil with one egg yolks, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of propolis. Mix all ingredients and apply the mixture to wet hair and leave it from an hour to two hours and finally wash with shampoo.

Treatment of hair loss with alimentation

alimentation for hair loss

Hair is a reflection of diet and emotional state. In the case of stress or of an unbalanced diet, hair may become dry and full of crust, which can cause hair loss. A good diet affects hair, it helps to create and re-grow hair, maintain its vitality and prevent its fall.

Healthy diet improves the problem of hair loss and poor scalp condition. It helps to get shiny and healthy hair. High levels of sugar, fat, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B and protein help improve the health of hair follicles and reduce the risk of hair loss.

Treatment of hair loss with dietary supplements

Hair loss is sometimes associated with a deficiency of zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B or iron. Dietary supplements treat hair problems and hair loss for at least 3 months (a mandatory period!) to stimulate the blood circulation of hair.

Dietary supplements improve the microcirculation of capillaries and limit the inflammation that precedes hair loss. Vitamins from the B group, zinc, amino acids and sulfur create the necessary keratin for hair growth.

Some dietary supplements reduce the excess production of sebum. Sebum can cause hair loss and helps fight free radicals responsible of early hair aging.

Dietary supplements improve the overall quality of hair: works to intensify the hair and enhance its color and immunity.

Cupping treatment for hair loss (Hijama for hair loss)

Cupping therapy works to activate the hair follicles by stimulating the blood circulation of the scalp. It provides good nourishment for hair roots, increases the activity of the sweat glands and opens the pores of the skin. Cupping therapy does not only remove the stagnant blood from the skin, but also removes harmful substances absorbed under the surface of the skin. It stimulates therefore the process of hair growth.

Cupping contributes to treat all the forms of alopecia, especially when the cupping process is made in the exact locations of alopecia. It has a positive effect in improving the psychological condition, which is sometimes the key to the treatment of the most severe cases of alopecia.

Treatment of hair loss with Indian vegetable powders

  • Bhringaraj Powder:

    • Latin Name: Eclipta prostrata
    • Medicinal Properties of Bhringaraj: Excellent for hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, and prevents hair loss.
    • Benefits of Bhringaraj: Promotes strong and thick hair.
  • Kapoor Kachli Powder:

    • Latin Name: Hedychium spicatum
    • Medicinal Properties of Kapoor Kachli: Promotes hair growth and improves hair texture.
    • Benefits of Kapoor Kachli: Stimulates hair follicles and contributes to optimal hair health.
  • Katam Powder:

    • Latin Name: Buxus dioica
    • Medicinal Properties of Katam: Rich in minerals and vitamins, including iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
    • Benefits of Katam: Strengthens hair, improves texture, fights dandruff, and adds shine.
  • Hibiscus Powder:

    • Latin Name: Hibiscus sabdariffa
    • Medicinal Properties of Hibiscus: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, promotes hair growth.
    • Benefits of Hibiscus: Strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, and gives a healthy appearance.
  • Reetha Powder:

    • Latin Name: Sapindus mukorossi
    • Medicinal Properties of Reetha: Natural hair cleanser, removes excess sebum and scalp impurities.
    • Benefits of Reetha: Maintains clean and healthy hair.
  • Neem Powder:

    • Latin Name: Azadirachta indica
    • Medicinal Properties of Neem: Antifungal and antibacterial properties, useful for maintaining a healthy scalp.
    • Benefits of Neem: Contributes to overall hair health.
  • Marshmallow Powder:

    • Latin Name: Althaea officinalis
    • Medicinal Properties of Marshmallow: Helps detangle hair and makes it softer.
    • Benefits of Marshmallow: Promotes smooth and easy-to-style hair.
  • Shikakai Powder:

    • Latin Name: Acacia concinna
    • Medicinal Properties of Shikakai: Used as a gentle hair and scalp cleanser.
    • Benefits of Shikakai: Gentle and nourishing for your hair.
  • Brahmi Powder:

    • Latin Name: Bacopa monnieri
    • Medicinal Properties of Brahmi: Improves hair health by strengthening hair follicles.
    • Benefits of Brahmi: Known for its hair-friendly properties.
  • Amla Powder:

    • Latin Name: Phyllanthus emblica
    • Medicinal Properties of Amla: Rich in vitamin C, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair.
    • Benefits of Amla: A valuable source of nutrients for your hair.
  • Sidr Powder:

    • Latin Name: Ziziphus spina-christi
    • Medicinal Properties of Sidr: Often used to cleanse hair and scalp, eliminates dandruff.
    • Benefits of Sidr: Promotes a clean and dandruff-free scalp.
  • Indigo Powder:

    • Latin Name: Indigofera tinctoria
    • Medicinal Properties of Indigo: Mainly used for hair coloring.
    • Benefits of Indigo: Strengthens hair while providing natural color.
  • Yemeni Red Henna:

    • Latin Name: Lawsonia inermis
    • Medicinal Properties of Yemeni Red Henna: Primarily used for hair coloring.
    • Benefits of Yemeni Red Henna: Offers a distinctive color while strengthening hair.
  • Chamomile Powder:

    • Latin Name: Matricaria chamomilla
    • Medicinal Properties of Chamomile: Soothing for the scalp, anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Benefits of Chamomile: Calms the scalp and naturally lightens hair.



In conclusion, hair loss can be caused by different conditions. Some are easy to treat while others require more rigorous care.

Treatment of hair loss takes time that may vary from person to another. However, a healthy regime and a stress-free lifestyle will ensure to get the best results regardless of the taken path. Just make sure to choose the best available treatment.


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