Sterility and infertility (Male)

Natural remedy to increase fertility in humans, the components are effective in cases of oligospermia, morphological abnormalities of spermatozoa, lack of their mobility, as well as problems of lack of quantity of sperm.

This remedy can treat all the abnormalities cited above since it has proved a high efficiency with dozens of cases.

This remedy can treat several cases including patients who have performed unsuccessful surgical operations against varicoceles. For more information, see the product page.

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This remedy succeeded par excellence with all cases except certain cases of azoospermia. Successful cases include:

Fragility of sperm: this remedy greatly increases the mobility of spermatozoa and this can be proved by medical analyzes.

Sperm morphological abnormalities: this remedy helps to treat spermatozoa malformations until total cure due to its composition rich in medicinal plants that are capable of treating the main causes of spermatozoa malformations in a radical way. The results are clearly visible after the use of the remedy, and this with the medical analyzes.

Oligospermia: This is the main cause of infertility in men. Good results have been obtained with oligospermia even if the number of spermatozoa is very low. We are not talking here about cases of azoospermia where there is no spermatozoa because these cases may have surgical solutions.

This remedy may also be useful with patients who have performed unsuccessful surgery against varicoceles: because of this operation the spermatozoa have disappeared in some, but using this remedy, this disorder has been completely cured.

Lack of sperm quantity: This remedy helps to increase the amount of sperm, and this can be noticed with the naked eye, or also with medical analyzes.

As far as women are concerned, you can consult the women's fertility remedy, and as we have already said, the cases that we have not mentioned here are still under study.

Composition of fertility remedy

Our remedy for infertility contains effective natural components with medicinal properties well known in classical medicine. Modern medicine has also proved the ultimate efficacy of these components to increase male fertility, and among these components are:

Honey, rocket grains, maca, royal jelly, yellow nutsedge, date palm pollen, nigella seed, pollen grains, sesame, ginseng, patchouli oil, ginger oil, camomile oil, nigell seed oil, oil Sage, radish oil, onion oil, lettuce oil, sesame oil, anise oil, fennel oil, ginger (not سكنجبير), basil seeds, lettus seeds ... in addition to several other Components with stimulating and antioxidant properties.

What distinguishes the remedy from infertility is that we produce all of its ingredients by ourselves and choose the best plants to retain their nutritional qualities and values ​​as well as their therapeutic and medicinal virtues.

Notes and tips

During the treatment period, keep away from smokers and follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

One kilogram of this remedy can cover two months of treatment.

The duration of the treatment should preferably be spread over at least 3 months.

When you receive your order, please contact us by phone to receive further advice on food in addition to other tips for use.

Reminder: Many people have had positive results with this remedy but they have not informed us that is why we ask to contact us via telephone or via Facebook or to post a comment on the page if someone finds satisfactory results.

Frequently asked Questions

Question: I have been married for a few months and have not done any medical analysis, my wife too. I want to buy this remedy, can I use it?

Answer: It is better to wait a few months because pregnancy can occur naturally. It is also possible to consult a medical specialist to make the appropriate analyzes.

Question: I have been married for a few months. The analyzes that I and my wife carried out were normal. I want to use the remedy to have a fast pregnancy. Can I use it?

Answer: If the pregnancy did not happen in the first months of marriage do not worry because it is very normal. You are advised to wait another year, your wife can get pregnant without the use of food supplements or medicines.

Question: But I want to use it, why did you advise me not to consume it? Does it have adverse effects?

Answer: We advised you to wait because it is the correct choice, especially since you have been married for a few months. But in any case, this remedy is very useful and has no side effects. It is a natural dietary supplement that boosts fertility through the mechanisms mentioned above, and it also has other benefits that you will find below.

Infertility Remedy: Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits we have mentioned such as increasing human fertility and improving the quality of sperm, this remedy also has other excellent benefits as it contains high quality medicinal plants Nutritional and therapeutic products that are authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Bee pollen grains, Date palm pollen ... all of which have excellent therapeutic and nutritional qualities. Makes this remedy a natural food supplement of quality. Other benefits of this remedy include:

- Increase concentration and fight against memory problems

- Stimulates immunity and anemia control (It is possible to notice a net improvement after use by doing medical analyzes).

- Has an energetic effect and stimulates physical and intellectual activity especially during times of fatigue and revision.

- It gives a sensation of psychological relaxation because it has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, especially on the brain centers of the hypothalamus, it is also effective in the treatment of mental disorders and disorders caused by imbalance in the Level of serotonin secretion.

- It is also effective against human sexual impotence caused by hormonal imbalances or by neurological or neuropsychic origin (we exclude cases of impotence caused by congenital malformations or accidents).

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