Trichup small pack

This pack contains the Trichup range:

  • Trichup Oil 50ml
  • Trichup Cream
  • Trichup Shampoo 200ml
  • Henné Trichup which serves as hair dye or feet
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39.500 DT
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  1. Trichup Oil 50ml: natural oil fall protection for very strong and long hair, combat graying, extract of Indian herbs; Sesamum indicum and cocos nucifera, and other traditional herbs from india.
  2. Trichup cream: nourishing fortifying cream that helps to soften the hair, this cream is non-greasy, natural extracts, it is ideal for everyday use as it does not give any greasy appearance.
  3. Trichup Shampoo 200ml: Shampoo based on henna and aloevera extracts with a traditional Indian herbal formula, it serves as an anti-fall that nourishes hair by making it longer and stronger.
  4. Henné Trichup: 100% natural hair dye.
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الشامبو ممتاز لكن رائحة الزيت قوية أقلقتني بعض الشيء لكن النتيجة ممتازة والحمد لله

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Horsetail oil 60ml is very well-known for its properties, used to give longer, stronger, well-nourished, supple and shiny hair, also, it can be used as anti-fall and against damaged hair
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Oriental henna can be used for hands, feet and hair where: It is safe to use on the skin. It dries quickly on the skin. It is easy to use to draw innovative designs. It consists of natural materials 100% safe...
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Nettle oil is anti-eczema and treats dermal ulcersStomach ulcersTreats rheumatismUseful in case of atherosclerosisReduces blood glucose levelsDiureticPurifies bloodHelps dry skinStimulates blood...
Trichup henna
14.800 DT
Trichup henna is a 100% natural hair dye, it can also be used for hands and feet, it gives a unique traditional color. For more information, see our scientific article on the benefits of henna. Weight: 100g
8.900 DT
Silk Protein for skin and hair Note: You can make your own cream starting from a base cream, and you can also add it to your own cream that you are using. Volume: 10ml
Trichup Cream
18.750 DT
Trichup Cream is absolutely very nourishing, fortifying and softening for hair, by this unique formula non-greasy, natural extracts (traditional herbs of india) ideal for the daily use for any type of hair. Volume:...
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Damascus Rose powder is widely recognized in the Ayurvedic tradition for its benefits for the skin, hair and mental balance. It acts as a natural balancer, promoting relaxation both physically and mentally. In...
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Moringa, nicknamed the "miracle tree" because of its nutritional qualities, is an authentic "super food" and "super component" in cosmetics from traditional African medicine. Moringa powder is a natural product which...
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Salicylic acid is used to remove dead cells in the outer layer of the skin, especially in difficult cases such as acne, warts, psoriasis, dandruff and ringworm.It is also used to lighten dark areas of the body and to...
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Considered a good laxative. Helps to get rid of hair dandruff and constipation. Helps against dermatitis, wounds and fungi. It is a strong analgesic with massage on the back. Help against the ailments of migraine.
24.000 DT
Egyptian henna is a vegetable powder used to color hair naturally. It gives copper or mahogany highlights, depending on the starting base, and makes hair shiny and strong. It is used by mixing the powder with hot...
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Reduces acne and blemishes Repairs damaged hair follicles and encouraged healthy hair growth. Treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration. Can be topically applied and taken...
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Purely natural, organic Sri Lankan coconut oil, food edible and for external use. This Sri Lankan coconut oil strongly nourishes and softens the hair, with a rich nutritional composition for all hair problems....



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