Horsetail oil 100ml

Horsetail oil 100ml can be used to give longer, stronger, well-nourished, supple, and shiny hair, also used as anti-fall and damaged hair

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16.000 DT
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اشتريت من عندكم عبوتين منذ 3 اشهر تقريبا و وصلت احداهما مكسرة اتصلت بكم وعوضتم لي القارورة (بارك الله فيكم) بالنسبة للنتيجة ممتازة والحمد لله. لكن حاولوا تغليف المنتجات بأكثر عناية بارك الله فيكم

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Trichup oil is a natural anti-fall product designed to make hair stronger and longer, this oil helps to fight graying, extracted from Indian herbs: sesamum indicum and cocos nucifera, it has gives excellent results...
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Egyptian henna is a vegetable powder used to color hair naturally. It gives copper or mahogany highlights, depending on the starting base, and makes hair shiny and strong. It is used by mixing the powder with hot...
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Trichup natural shampoo, based on extracts of henna and aloevera with a well-studied Indian herbal formula. It is used against all the serious problems of the hair, it is an excellent anti-fall that nourishes the...
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Damascus Rose powder is widely recognized in the Ayurvedic tradition for its benefits for the skin, hair and mental balance. It acts as a natural balancer, promoting relaxation both physically and mentally. In...
Reetha powder
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Reetha powder is a versatile natural ingredient for hair care. Its benefits include effective cleansing, improving hair texture, treating dandruff, strengthening hair to reduce breakage, preventing hair loss, and...
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Hemani horse tail oil has several virtues, whether by internal or external use: Treats acne and boils thanks to its antibiotic properties. Strengthens hair and nails since it is rich in vitamin B, iron and zinc....
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Phytokeratin - Natural vegetable keratin for hair A natural and quality product that you can add to the shampoo you use, to your hair cream or to a shampoo base. You can also make your own cream from a cream base....
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Oriental henna can be used for hands, feet and hair where: It is safe to use on the skin. It dries quickly on the skin. It is easy to use to draw innovative designs. It consists of natural materials 100% safe...
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This powder shampoo is 100% vegetable and organic, is composed of a synergy of 6 Ayurvedic plants: Shikakaï, Reetha, Neutral Henna, Amla, Sidr and Kapoor Kachli. Renowned for their gentle properties and their ability...
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Sidr powder is a natural Ayurvedic powder well known for its beneficial properties for skin and hair. It is astringent and purifying, which makes it an ingredient of choice for plant-based shampoos in paste form. Sidr...
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Purely natural, organic Sri Lankan coconut oil, food edible and for external use. This Sri Lankan coconut oil strongly nourishes and softens the hair, with a rich nutritional composition for all hair problems....
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Shikakai, also known as Acacia concinna, is commonly used as a powder to make your own natural shampoo (herbal shampoo) used alone or mixed with other Ayurvedic powders. Shikakai powder is renowned for its cleansing...
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Form: Ground Organic Maca (powder) Proven Uses of Maca: Maca Increases female fertility and increases sexual desire Increases male fertility and increases sexual desire Very useful against male impotence...
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Gum arabic is a descending solid sap of the Acacia tree, with no negative side effects. It is known as the highest source of calcium in the world, it has medicinal properties for the treatment of renal insufficiency...
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Pomegranate soap with biological pomegranate oil is a European quality standard certified by Ecocert and is a product of the finest types of pomegranate oil and pomegranate seeds. A unique product that combines almost...
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Dalua natural incense is very attractive, ensures a sense of relaxation and psychological comfort, made of high quality Boukhour materials learned from nature such as sandalwood and high scents, this bakhour adds to...
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Trichup natural shampoo is based on henna and aloevera herbal extracts from India, with a well-studied formula, it is an anti-hair loss shampoo that nourishes hair by making it longer and stronger. We have tried this...



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