Gum Arabic Hashab

Sudanese gum arabic powder, it is of HACHAB type, very useful for the treatment of renal insufficiency and kidney diseases, helps to improve the blood sugar level and to treat the diabetes (the difference is observed through the analyzes medical).

Gum arabic is also used to treat high blood pressure, chronic colitis, infections of the digestive system and osteoporosis since it is the richest source of calcium in the world. It is used as also obesity.

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Gum arabic: Definition

Gum arabic is a kind of viscous liquid that turns into crunchy glass, has no taste or odor, is naturally secreted from the Acacia Senegal tree frequently found in Africa and especially In the Sudan, it is a perennial tree that can reach 20 meters in length, containing trunks secreting the resins that combine to finally crystallize. There are three types of gum arabic: gum HACHAB, gum TALHA and gum of oliban with different colors and shapes. Chemically, there are two types of gum; Soluble gum and rigid gum that absorbs water.

HACHAB gum arabic is very rich in dietary fiber, natural sugars, mineral salts, enzymes and acids (tannic acid) and also contains a proportion of water.


Benefits of gum arabic

Gum arabic is very useful for treating:

 Acute and chronic renal insufficiency: Acute renal failure affects the kidney, resulting from the accumulation of fluids and waste inside the body, especially in the presence of blockage in the blood vessels associated with kidneys. Chronic renal failure may be associated primarily with the presence of diabetes and infections of the urinary tract or congenital malformations.

Glomerulonephritis: is a disease that affects the kidneys due to inflammation of small blood vessels or kidney tissue lesions that causes complete renal insufficiency. In this case, gum arabic improves renal function and prevents other pathological cases. Gum arabic helps to treat high blood pressure hypertension.

Gum arabic serves as a natural antibiotic, it can treat different forms of colitis and renal colic.

It helps to slim down and reduce weight with regular intake alone or in combination with food (two spoons in a glass of water twice a day).

Gum arabic helps lower blood sugar levels.

Helps in the treatment of skin problems such as excessive dryness of the skin.


Gum arabic: undesirable effects

Gum arabic has no known serious adverse effects. Pregnant women should take the advice of the doctor as it can give a feeling of vomiting and nausea.

Note: For more information, see our article about benefits of gum arabic.

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كم سعره بالجنيه المصرى

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