Maca Powder

Form: Ground Organic Maca (powder)

Proven Uses of Maca:

  1. Maca Increases female fertility and increases sexual desire
  2. Increases male fertility and increases sexual desire
  3. Very useful against male impotence (especially with Ginseng)
  4. Helps reduce symptoms of menopause
  5. Improves mood and helps treat mental illnesses
  6. Maca helps the brain perform its tasks
  7. Very useful for athletes because it increases physical and intellectual activity
  8. Very useful against skin and hair problems
  9. Maca improves learning abilities and helps to concentrate
  10. Helps treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and related inflammations
  11. Increases bone density and helps treat osteoporosis
  12. Very good for thyroid health
  13. Helps treat and prevent heart disease
  14. Helps regulate the hormonal system
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28.000 DT
  • 100g
  • 10g
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  1. Maca powder (maca root powder) is easy to use and can be included with any diet and can be mixed with honey.
  2. Many customers ask for the name of maca in Tunisian, and here we say that the maca fruit is imported and is not produced in Tunisia and grows under very special conditions. As for the maca available on the Alwosta website, it is a Peruvian maca (from Peru), that is, from its homeland. It is of high quality in terms of medicinal and nutritional value and is not like other types of maca grown in some Latin American countries.
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