White Artemisia Oil (Mugwort oil)

- Respiratory mucolytics
- Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
- Regulatory cycle of rules
- Antispasmodic and Pain Relief
- Tonic; deworming; apéritive

- Against diabetes
- Against internal and external fever
- Catarrh, bronchial infection
- Inflammatory pathologies
- Painful, irregular or scanty rules
- Belly stomach pain and visceral pain.

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Medicinal properties of Mugwort (sagebrush/ Artemisia) 


Relieves digestive disorders: colic, chronic diarrhea, visceral pain, sensation of distension, flatulence. Stimulates the secretion of the gastric juice, thus promoting the appetite. Powerful deworming: eliminates intestinal worms.


Used in friction, relieves stomach ache, chest pain and muscle contractions felt in the lower limbs after intense physical exertion. Treatment of phlebitis and varicose veins: stimulates blood circulation. In traditional Chinese medicine, use the stick of dried mugwort in moxibustion to treat the different affections. Calms epileptic seizures, removes harmful insects, by diffusion of its essential oil.


This plant with multiple virtues is usually recommended to soothe the painful rules. Her emmenagogue property treats menstrual disorders in women, such as dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, by increasing uterine contractions.

Mugwort is often recommended in the treatment of digestive disorders, joint and muscle pain, anorexia, spasms, insomnia and for the expulsion of intestinal worms. This plant also has antibacterial, tonic and diuretic effects.


Thanks to its antifungal, antiparasitic and antibacterial actions, this natural medication has the ability to treat the various infestations of parasites, such as urinary tract infection, nasal catarrh or inflammation of the airways, as well as bronchial infection. This diuretic may also be used in the treatment of edema and hypertension. Its use in case of water retention is really effective.

This medicinal plant also acts as an inhibitor of monoamine oxidase or I.M.A.O., or as an antidepressant.

Use and dosage


In phytotherapy, this natural medication is offered in powder, capsule, essential oil and dried leaves to infuse. In all cases, it is essential to respect the doses prescribed in the instructions for use to avoid complications.

Capsules, which are only for adults, are recommended for loss of appetite as well as to treat anorexia and menstrual cycle disorders. The dose to be taken during the day is limited to 5 capsules per day, ie 1,625 mg.

Dried leaves are used in decoction to relieve muscle spasms, especially those of the muscles of the uterus. About 20 g of this plant are to infuse for 15 minutes in 1 liter of hot water. It is recommended to take 2 or 3 cups of the solution obtained, at any time of the day, in case of joint or muscular pains. In women with amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea problems, treatment should begin 10 days before the usual menstrual period.

The essential oil of mugwort is used in friction on the painful parts of the body, pains due to fatigue, muscle contractions or to a particular affection such as rheumatism. It is important to dilute it in vegetable oil to avoid irritating the skin. The dosage to be respected is of 30% of essential oil and 70% of vegetable oil.

Precautions for use

The use of oral mugwort should be preceded by a medical consultation. At high doses, this medicinal plant can indeed become toxic.

Treatment with wormwood is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women as well as in children. Subjects with allergy problems and renal or hepatic impairment should refrain from taking sagebrush.


The most commonly reported adverse reactions are contact allergies caused by sesquiterpene lactones contained in the plant and pollens in its flowers.

Failure to comply with prescribed doses can also cause gastric and intestinal irritation, or even poisoning.


No known interaction.


Natural medications to diuretic action such as mugwort are incompatible with anti-inflammatories.

The Benefits of Mugwort

The ability of the wormwood to calm the pain caused by muscle contractions and rules is explained by its antispasmodic property. This plant also acts as a uterine stimulant and digestive functions, hence its ability to trigger and regulate menstrual flow, as well as to treat digestive disorders.


To benefit from the medicinal properties of the wormwood, it is imperative to respect the doses prescribed. Dried leaves to infuse can be administered over a long period of time, but at very low doses.

To prevent the risk of overdose, it is best to consult a specialist before starting any treatment.

Research on wormwood

The latest clinical studies carried out on sagebrush have proved its real efficacy in the treatment of malaria and the most resistant forms of malaria. This medicinal plant is able to block the reproduction of the parasite responsible for these diseases, thanks to the presence of artemisinin in its composition.


National Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) - Artemisia vulgaris. French Pharmacopoeia 1987.

Soin et Nature, a French pharmacy specializing in natural care products, registered with the Ordre des pharmacistes under the number 00123792 / A.

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