High quality lavender oil

Oil with a quality 'premium', double designed

Used in massages.

Good nervous system stimulator, headache and migraine, muscle aches and back pain.

Useful against lice, against physical and intellectual overwork.

Volume: 40ml

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17.750 DT
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Description of Hemani Lavender Oil

Lavenders are dicotyledonous shrubs of the family Lamiaceae (or labiate) and of the genus Lavandula, most often purple or purple flowers arranged in spikes, most of them very fragrant, are widely used in all branches of the Perfumery and herbal medicine.

Odorant, soothing, healing, vegetable oil of lavender has many virtues and has been used for centuries in Provence, where popular medicine recognizes a thousand virtues. 100% natural, Hemani lavender oil will fight against stress or sleep disorders, but will also offer many skin benefits and will play the role of an effective anti-lice hair repellent.

Hemani's natural lavender oil makes it possible to fight naturally against sunburn, mosquito bites, nervous eczema or pruritus. It also has soothing and healing properties in case of cuts, pressure sores or fungal infections. Applied to the hair, it will have the benefits of an anti-lice repellent.

Lavender oil is applied on the skin to keep mosquitoes away, it calms the burns associated with sunburn and soothes the skin after shaving or waxing. It will also be effective against excessive sweating of the feet. In order to fight lice, apply vegetable oil of lavender in massage over the whole scalp.

Alwosta offers a wide range of vegetable oils and natural beneficial to skin and hair, such as neem oil which also has anti-lice and anti-mosquito properties.

The virtues of lavender oil are numerous:

- Anti-infective, antiseptic
- Anti-inflammatory
- Relaxing
- Calming
- Soothing
- Healing
- Odorant
- Bug spray
- Mosquito repellent

Use of Hemani Lavender Oil

- Lavender oil can be used after shaving to soothe the skin. Apply directly to the skin or with a cotton pad soaked in lavender oil.

- Apply lavender oil after waxing will soothe the skin.

- Vegetable oil of lavender can be used in hair care: in massage on greasy hair and scalp.

- Lavender oil is beneficial against perspiration of the feet.

- Apply the lavender oil to the sunburn, calm the burns.

- Apply lavender oil directly on the skin of the body to preserve insect bites.

- The natural oil of lavender allows to have a calm and restful sleep.

Capacity of the lavender oil Hemani

Capacity: 40 ml

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بارك الله فيكم اعجبني الزيت رائحته فواحة وجميلة ورائعة وساحرة فقط حاولو فقط التسريع في الارسال او اعتمدو على مرسل اخر غير البريد التونسي مثلا شركات الارسال وشكرا

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