Natural remedy for male impotence

Natural remedy to stimulate fertility, sexual power and male desire

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It is recommended to take 3 months or more as treatment time

Active Ingredients: honey, basil seeds, royal jelly, earth almond, palm pollen, pollen grains, ginseng, marjoram oil, ginger oil, rosemary oil, nigella seed oil, sage oil, Sesame oil, anise oil and many other fertility stimulating components with vasodilating properties for the veins of the intimate zone. This remedy is also considered as strengthening for the nerves and regulator for male hormones.

During the treatment period it is advisable to stay as far away as possible from smoking and smoking environments, eating meals containing cereals and vegetables.

The kilo cover two months approx of treatment.

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كيفية الأستعمال مع الشكر مع اني قد أشتريت من هذه الخلطة

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