Cow's milk soap

Softens skin by giving it a glow

Weight: 100g

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9.800 DT
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Activated charcoal is a natural substance that offers several benefits for health and beauty: High-quality component in skincare products An antioxidant and detoxifying agent to eliminate toxins from the body...
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White Vaseline is used for various purposes such as moisturizing dry skin, protecting minor cuts and burns, and soothing chapped lips. It is a colorless and odorless ointment that forms a protective barrier on the...
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Natural cream base for the whole family and for most skin conditions. It has been specially formulated to add your own natural oils or essential oils as appropriate. It is also possible to add any other ingredient...
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Blue Nila soap 100% natural, cold saponified to retain all the benefits of Blue Nila. - Naturally lighten the complexion.- Unify the complexion.- Reduce brown spots and dark spots caused by melasma.- Fight wrinkles-...
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Damascus Rose powder is widely recognized in the Ayurvedic tradition for its benefits for the skin, hair and mental balance. It acts as a natural balancer, promoting relaxation both physically and mentally. In...
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Shea butter oil contains natural vitamins and fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the skin.It helps to produce natural collagen for the skin, and helps to nourish and protect it. It prevents drying of the skin and...
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Bhringaraj, scientifically known as Eclipta alba or Mahakanni, holds significant value in Ayurveda due to its various benefits for hair and skin health. Here are some key points about Bhringaraj: Hair Benefits:...
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Salicylic acid is used to remove dead cells in the outer layer of the skin, especially in difficult cases such as acne, warts, psoriasis, dandruff and ringworm.It is also used to lighten dark areas of the body and to...
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The flower of the dried violet alows to: Fight fungal infections. Has anticancer activity. Fight viruses. Improves bacterial skin infections. Improve other skin conditions. Prevents umbilical cord infections....
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The royal jelly, the miracle of nature: It has medicinal, nutritional, energy and metabolic properties. Increases vitality at all ages. Stimulating, toning, leads to a feeling of well-being. Allows to obtain a better...
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Pomegranate soap with biological pomegranate oil is a European quality standard certified by Ecocert and is a product of the finest types of pomegranate oil and pomegranate seeds. A unique product that combines almost...



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